Everything Changed Prayer Tour
Potomac Network friends,

The Everything Changed Prayer Tour was in its fifth day a week ago.  We enjoyed such an overwhelming power and presence of God throughout the week!  It has been challenging to find a way to encapsulate it to share with you.  Each woman that was with the full tour engaged in a minimum of 72 hours of intercession, that included praying for you and your ministry and your community!

First - miracles.  Many immediate answers to prayer - healings, restoration, favor, direction.

Second - relationships.  Those who were together the full week have developed a strong bond in the faith that makes us constantly say to each other, "I miss you!"  The participation in the rallies brought together our Network leadership, and pastors and their churches in every region. We supported one another in empowered prayers making an impact throughout every place the tour visited.

Third - expectancy.  There is a palpable sense of anticipation for what will happen in each of the areas we prayed.  We expect to hear frequent God-stories, God's favor, continuing miracles.  Also, from the very first day, every where we went someone talked about 'next year's tour'.  There is a groundswell of intercession throughout our Network.

Testimonies and reflections are posted on our webpage, as well as on Facebook.  For those that were involved in any way, please add your reflections on the Potomac Ministry Network page, or by simply replying to this message.

With a full heart,

Brenda Burns
ECPT Project Manager 
View photos here: https://goo.gl/photos/JmpZZDDCAQx2yxxNA 
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