Weekly Update
July 16, 2021
“The years go by too quickly to waste them in silent
prisons of hate.”

This statement was on a plaque I saw at the port park in Bellingham, WA. I have shared it before and feel like it is time to share it again. We are now living in a time of unprecedented animosity and division with our fellow Americans. The differences that we feel between liberal and conservative, left and right, Christian and non-Christian, and many other divisions create an atmosphere of animosity and hate.

Mike shared with us last Sunday that we, as Christians, are God’s workmanship created for peace. We are all drawn together into one family by the blood of Jesus. There should no longer be divisions among us. Ephesians says that there are no longer any walls. They have all been broken down and we should now live in His peace. We are all sons and daughters of God our Father.

But, often we cannot even live in peace within our own families. How then are we to share with one another until we learn what His love is and how it should draw us together? I have, and I don’t think I am alone, a tendency to judge everybody by my standards. I sometimes forget that we are all sinners. We did not just commit one sin for which we have been forgiven. We continually need God’s forgiveness because we seem to continue to allow the flesh to control our mind, will and emotions.

As we were reminded by Mike on Sunday, we need to put aside our differences and begin to live as a family of God. We need to be peacemakers and not haters of those with whom we disagree. It is a very hard task and we can only do it with God’s help. The text in Ephesians tells us there are no race, nationality, gender or any other thing that should separate us from others and from His love through Christ Jesus our Lord.

So, let us not harbor our hatred and animosity in our hearts and minds. Not against our family, our brothers and sisters in the Lord, or even those who totally disagree with us. We have a message of reconciliation that we need to share with all we come in contact with. And we need to pray for those who need God’s love and salvation.

Bob Jewett
To watch this Sunday's live-streaming service click on this link Sam Owen Preaching.

We are excited to welcome Sam Owen Sunday, July 18th. Sam will share with all adult Sunday School classes in the sanctuary at 9:15am and bring the message for worship service at 10:30am.

Or go to youtube.com and search for "First Christian Church The Dalles"
You will also be able to watch any service at any time.

  • Please pray for my sister Corky. She had an ankle replacement 6 weeks ago and she isn't healing. She has to have it redone tomorrow. Please pray for healing and comfort as she is in a great deal of pain. ~ Shelley H
  • Thank you for praying for my dad - he is home and doing well. God is such an amazing Lord! ~ Sheri M
  • Thanks to everyone for the many prayers during my recent ankle surgery. I would welcome continued prayers as I start PT. ~ Shawn
  • PRAISE: My sister Donna Hackler took her first steps after 3 1/2 weeks. Praise God! ~ Mary B.
  • Please pray for Jennifer as she completes the last 2 weeks of her final course. Also pray for her as she has been having fast heartrate with feeling light-headed and gets panicky. ~ Joyce
  • Please pray for my dad as he hopefully gets to an injection in his knee this week. His pain is really been bad. ~ Joyce
  • There is a guy looking for any kind of work. He says he works for tips. If you have any odd jobs, call Shaun Finn at 541-645-3459.
  • My friend Travis has a brain tumor and is undergoing radiation treatments. Pray that God uses this to extend his life. Please pray for his family too.
Thank you to Harvey & Janny Hall, Barb, Sandy Snow & Shad Lesselyoung for helping to serve our Community Meal last Friday!
Kay Pratt
Sunday morning prayer time 8:30-9am
in the church study.
All are invited and welcome to join us.
Memorial Service
Gordon Mee
Saturday July 31st
time to be determined
Celebration of Life
Mildred Craber
Saturday August 14 ~ 11am
Men’s Breakfast
July 17th
It’s time for our monthly Men’s Breakfast on Saturday July 17th. The cooking crew will have everything ready to serve at 8am. Invite a friend and come enjoy some “guy time”.
Ministry Action Team Meeting
Tuesday July 20th

Ministry Action Team Members, we are having a meeting on Tuesday July 20th beginning at 6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall. If you head up an area of ministry you are requested to join us.
Missions News
David Moore
Firm Foundation In Christ Ministries

Prayer Request Update
In case you missed my last email: My mother-in-law Donna Dalton’s back surgery seemed to be very helpful at first and healing was going well. But infection set in over a week ago. They tried getting her on antibiotics, but that didn’t work. She went back in for a check up Friday of last week due to increasing pain, and the doctors were very concerned. They immediately admitted her to the hospital and began working on tackling the issue. They did MRI and determined that surgery was needed right away and that she had two different kinds of staph infection. They scheduled surgery for the next day (Saturday).
Update: During surgery they didn’t see any indication that the infection had gotten into the hardware they had put into her back in the previous surgery so that is good. They cleaned things out as best they could. She is now having a bad lymph node swelling and pain reaction to the current antibiotics, so they have an infectious disease specialist culturing for the right kind of antibiotics to give her. They have determined that the infection has gotten into her bones, so she will need to be on antibiotics for at least a year. Please pray for healing, peace, wisdom and patience.
** You can read Firm Foundation In Christ prayer blog here
Livingston's Visit August 1st
We are excited to have missionary friends, John and Yoriko Livingston from International Students Inc visit Sunday, August 1st. They will share a brief Mission Moment at First Christian Church. After service, please join us for a no-host lunch at Ixtapa. Ixtapa would like to know how many to plan on so if you could let us know so we can let them know they would greatly appreciate it. Call Jennifer at 541-296-3391. Thank you for your love and support of our missionaries. 
Neighborhood Bible Clubs

We are blessed to have two clubs on the calendar:  
**August 2nd through the 6th will be held in the backyard of the Mercy House at 704 East 12th St. from 9:30 - 11:30 am for kids (9 to 12 pm for helpers). 
**August 9th through the 13th will be held at 1309 Jordan St. from 2-4 pm for kids (1:30 to 4:30 pm for helpers).  

Please bring your kids, grandkids, friends' kids, etc. to either club for a wonderful time of learning Bible lessons, missionary stories, memorizing Bible verses, singing songs, playing games, eating snacks and earning prizes.

Prayer Request:
Please pray for: the Lord to draw kids to the clubs; protection from Satan's attacks; helpers to set up canopies, benches and tables and love on kids; snack providers; and for God to be glorified. If you are into prayer walks and would like to hand out invites to neighbor kids, please let us know.  
Thank you, Jennifer and Joyce at 541-296-3391
July monthly goal $32,788.08
Received to date $15,138.00
WHAT WE BELIEVE...The Dalles First Christian Church is an independent governed congregation with elder oversight. Our roots are found in the Restoration Movement. We follow the Lord’s plea for unity. We support all believers who accept Jesus as Lord of their lives. We don’t consider ourselves the only Christians, but “Christians only”. We look to the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. We follow the New Testament in matters of faith and practice. We observe communion on a weekly basis and follow the Biblical pattern of conversion. Church members have exhibited their faith in Christ by belief, repentance, public confession of faith, baptism (immersion), and a continual faithful obedience to Biblical standards of living. We stand firm on the essential doctrines of the faith, but observe freedom in the non-essential areas of Christian life and belief.
First Christian Church, The Dalles
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