January 27th, 2023

 Tithes & Offerings

One of the larger commitments that First Christian Church dedicates tithes and offerings to is our missionaries, here at home and throughout the world.

Because there are no guaranteed income streams associated with the church, we operate from a “faith- based“ hope, or projection, as we create an annual budget. We trust God to provide, as we formulate prudent, practical and historically based financial goals.

 Other than the administration of The Dalles facility and staff, your support of those in the mission field is one of the most vital parts of that projection each year. Those who have answered that call to “Go . . .“ operate on a similar faith- based hope. They trust God to provide for their needs everyday, and financially you fill those needs through giving. As you give, I hope you’ll watch for and expect to receive continued blessings.

That’s the business our God specializes in, and He knows your name.

Because of Jesus -


Announcement: The elders have waived Trevor's obligation to work in the church through the end of February. We wish him the best in his upcoming ministry.


  • Please pray for a grandson who is struggling with school. Pray for wisdom & grace for parents.
  • Former mother-in-law passed away. Please pray for peace & resolution of problems with remaining family.
  • PRAISE - Praise the Lord for being with my dad and bringing him through a heart attack, having 2 stents without complication. Dad said he knew the Lord was with him. ~ Joyce
  • Please continue to pray for The Last Days of Jesus. We still need 4 disciples and 4 guards. ~ Joyce
  • Thank you for your continued prayers for GNC & JYC. For this week I'm working on the giving of God's laws. Please pray that I can help the kids see God's laws - how to be His people in the world. ~ Jennifer
  • Thanks you for praying for Lane's co-workers wife. She is home and doing well.
  • Pray for Mary Keizur who is suffering with pancreatitis.

Even if you cannot join us at church for Sunday Morning prayer, you can pray with us from home.


  • Praise and thanks to our Gracious Heavenly Father
  • Sunday school teachers/Bible Zone leaders/Worship leaders
  • Pastor Mike-God to lead and guide/ wisdom for Assoc Pastor Search
  • Last Days of Jesus/Joyce & Jennifer in GNC
  • Jim & Elaine Sargent healing and George Sargent in loss of Sandy
  • The Dalles area churches in the spread of the Gospel message
  • Elders and leaders in training and direction
  • Israel 2024 trip planning
  • Missionaries our church supports
  • Our younger generation in our body

Livestream link for Sunday January 29th 

Click on this link "Rejoicing In Our Salvation"

Or go to youtube.com and search for "First Christian Church The Dalles"

You will also be able to watch any service at any time.

Baby Shower for Hope Medical Clinic

Saturday February 18th

12 noon

Ladies we are having a "Baby Shower" fundraiser for Hope Medical Clinic. Start looking for baby items to bring and bless this ministry. Don't want to do the shopping? Cash donations are always welcome and appreciated too!

Some of the needed items are:

  • diapers and wipes - especially large size diapers (3s, 4s, and 5s)
  • infant and toddler clothes
  • new car seats
  • pack n plays (and pack n play sheets and mattresses - some clients use it as a crib)
  • formula and/or breastfeeding supplies
  • baby food
  • baby carriers and baby seats
  • high chair
  • strollers


We have an informational meeting coming up Sunday, January 29th at 5pm in the basement Fellowship Hall for all those interested in joining the Biblical studies trip to Israel next year. If you have questions contact Sarah Smith at 541-993-9874. 

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Worship Computer on Friday/Saturday. Input the worship song list into the computer prior to Sunday. Contact Debbie Eddy 541-980-7480

  • Worship Computer on Sunday mornings. Contact Marla Skroch at 541-296-3854

  • Sound Computer on Sunday mornings. Contact Mike Lutz at 541-980-0226

  • Streaming Computer on Sunday mornings. Contact Matthew Feil for details and responsibilities. 541-980-0640

  • Ushers & Greeters - got a smile you can share? Contact Randy Sparks at 541-705-7326

  • Hospitality Desk on Sunday mornings Assist members & visitors connect with activities. Contact Pat Van Eaton 541-296-6541

  • Nursery Workers - assists our paid nursery staff and play with our infants and toddlers. Background check required! Contact Tia Anderson at 541-980-3918


If you brought cookies for the Cantata last month and are missing your container, please check in the Fireside kitchen. We have several containers waiting to be claimed.



January - December 2022 budget amount $402,529.00

received to date: $395,273.54

spent to date: $367,578.36

WHAT WE BELIEVE...First Christian Church The Dalles is not affiliated with a denomination, instead choosing to be overseen by a team of elders. We consider the Bible to be the words of God, thus being incapable of error. As we seek a unified practice of our faith, we follow the teachings of the New Testament. We share communion each Sunday and follow the Biblical pattern for conversion. We support any who have accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord through belief, public confession of faith, baptism by immersion and continual obedience to Biblical standards of living. We hold firmly to essential doctrines but celebrate freedom in non-essentials as we seek to love God, love people, and make disciples who follow Jesus.
First Christian Church, The Dalles