September 16th, 2022

“...if Christ has not been raised, your faith is worthless…”

1 Corinthians 15:17

What word catches your eye in this phrase? “Worthless” catches mine.

Corinthian believers spent massive amounts of time and energy working

on their relationship with the Lord. Pursuing Christ always raises questions. For

instance, in verse 12 Paul asks, “How do some among you say there is no

resurrection from the dead?” Something had to have happened, perhaps a

death in the church, to spur some discussion of whether or not Christians would

be raised. Greek culture would say to believers the body is a prison which

incarcerates a good soul until freed by death. Humanism would say this life is all

there is. If any of these ideas were true, faith in Christ would be worthless. There

were those who were willing to believe that Christ had risen from the grave but

doubted that others would be. Paul reminds them (and us) that Christ was a human

being, too, and that if people were not raised from the dead then Christ wasn’t

either. “But now Christ has been raised from the dead…” (vs. 20) and worthless

becomes worship. Our faith is not in vain because we serve a RISEN Savior; He

lives! Let us walk in the light of His resurrection today until we see Him face to


“I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die,

he shall live.”

John 11:25


Mike W.  


  • PRAISE: Ethan is a US Navy sailor! Graduation is on Sept 16th then off to South Carolina for NUC school.
  • Thank you for all your prayers. ~ Mary Batty
  • Please continue praying for healing in my foot. There is no change and I'm in the boot for at least another month. ~ Kim Stewart
  • Thank you for prayers, cards and encouragement. I'm doing great! God is not done with me yet! ~ Ruthie
  • Please continue to pray for the preparations for our afterschool clubs. Pray for Julie Fritts as she speaks with the principal of Chenowith Elementary and the superintendent of The Dalles school district. We want to hold the Chenowith Club at the school on Fridays. ~ Goodman's


  • Many thanks to all those who offered help for my upcoming transplant. Special thanks to Randy Sparks as the big winner (???) as my back-up driver. Thank you all and God Bless. ~ Don Frazer
  • I went to Virginia last weekend. My granddaughter Kyleigh got married to Dallas. They have known each other for 9 years and Ky became a RN at Christmas! ~ Cleta

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Missionary Update. Sept. 14, 2022. Livingstons and Moores

John and Yoriko Livingston and family: International Students, Inc.

Praise for all that God did through the summer activities they shared with the many international students that God brought to them. Praise also for the students from nine different countries that they have met as they arrived in Kentucky for the start of the school year.

Praise for the many young Japanese wives and mothers Yoriko is reaching out to. Praise for the new small group Bible studies they have started. Pray that more may be started. Praise that after two years, Yoriko’s Green Card finally came.

Pray for doors to open at the two other colleges in Kentucky where they are wanting to start meeting students, and the colleges in Tennessee as well.

Pray for John’s sermons and Hope’s (their daughter) next ministry trips through ballet. Pray for their son Trueman’s busy schedule as a Theater major, and music minor. Pray for their son Walker as he becomes a teenager!

Pray for an increase in the number of their financial and prayer partners.

David and Denise Moore and family: Firm Foundations in Christ Ministries

Praise for blessed trip for David, Hannah and Asher to Ambon, Indonesia for the dedication of the Ambonese Malay New Testament where they had previously ministered for many years.

Pray for the distribution of this New Testament to the two million speakers of this language.

Praise for the interest of several denominations in having FFICM training in Indonesia in the future. Pray that God will give His wisdom for the timing and direction of this work.

Pray for David as he catches up with the work that accumulated while he was gone and for developing FFICM’s budget for 2023.

Pray for Hannah as she begins her senior year and for a replacement car which was totaled in an accident in May. Pray also for Asher as he starts 7th grade.

Praise that son Andrew was allowed by a judge to be placed with a wildness therapy group in Bend for three months rather than being sent to jail for 1-5 years.

Pray that God will do a miracle in Andrew’s heart and mind, bringing healing. Andrew started well but now is struggling. The treatment costs $64,000 so a miracle for God’s provision is needed there as well.   

  •  Nursery childcare for our little ones 0-2 in Rm 102 with Tia Anderson.
  •  Preschool Sunday School for 3-4 years old in Rm 101 with Tiffany Anderson.
  •  K-2nd Grade will be upstairs in Rm304 with Karen Wilson & Anita Donivan.
  •  3rd-5th Grade will be downstairs in Rm 104 with Patty VanEaton
  •  Middle School/High School upstairs in Rm 301 with Trevor & Eedy Bachofner.
  •  Adult Class in the downstairs Fellowship Hall taught by Mike Smith   

Ladle & Leaf

Ladies Soup Luncheon

October 29th ~ 11am

Ladies save the date and mark your calendars!

We are looking for a few soup-makers and some sweet or savory bread providers

Please contact Dawn Egbert at

541-980-4191 if you can provide soup, bread or have any questions.


January - August budget amount $268,544.08

received to date: $235,439.04

spent to date: $241,669.88

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