Weekly Update
October 8, 2021
Bob Goff writes in his book “Everybody Always” about a witch doctor named Kabi living in Uganda. Witch doctors live a life manipulating others through fear and terror and Kabi was no exception. He had abducted an eight-year-old boy (who Bob calls “Charlie”) and took him into the bush, mutilated him and left him to die…but Charlie survived. Police arrested Kabi and for the first time in Uganda’s history they had a witch doctor jailed and his victim, alive. Bob (a lawyer) immediately boarded a plane and flew to Africa to assist in in the trial. The trial day arrived. Charlie testified how Kabi had tried to kill him. The verdict was “guilty!” Kabi was sentenced and would never see the light of day again.

Bob was glad. Kabi was his enemy. As far as Bob was concerned, Kabi could rot in jail the rest of his life. But when he thought about Kabi his heart felt dark, he felt far from God and Bob didn’t like that. He remembered the verse, “nothing can separate us from the love of God…,” not even the horrible things Kabi had done. Bob asked himself if he just liked Jesus or wanted to be like Jesus.

Kabi was his enemy, but he was also Bob’s chance to become more like Jesus.
Bob visited Kabi in prison and eventually led him to the Lord; in that moment, they both were becoming love like Jesus.

“…love your enemies, do good to those who persecute you…” Luke 6:27
Mike W.
  • Please remember Roger in prayer. He is still in the hospital recuperating from his surgery.
  • Russ Hagel has been moved to the rehab part of the Wenatchee hospital. He needs to be able to walk and do simple tasks before he can be released. Please pray for continued healing.
  • Please continue praying for my dad. His leg pain is getting worse and he is having a hard time getting around. ~ Joyce
  • Please pray for my friend Reita who found her 48 year old son dead last Sunday. ~ Joyce
  • Please pray that we can get kids signed up this week for the Good News Clubs and the middle school club that start next week. Lift up lesson plans for both: for God's direction and creativity of putting engaging activities with the Bible and missions lessons. Also, ask the Lord for helpers for each club so it's not just mom & me at all four. ~ Jennifer
  • There are several marriages going through difficult times. Please pray that God will restore them.
  • Pray for our country and the Covid-19 surge. Pray for our families and friends who are currently struggling with it.
  • Please continue to hold up our brothers and sisters stranded in Afghanistan.
To watch this Sunday's live-streaming service click on this link "Paul's Farewell"

Or go to youtube.com and search for "First Christian Church The Dalles"
You will also be able to watch any service at any time.

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Class 101 is our basics class about the church, church membership and how it operates. Class 101 teaches you all about what it looks like to follow Christ and give you the tools you need for each step of the journey.
Our next Class 101 is Sunday October 17th during the Sunday School hour beginning at 9:15am and runs for 4 weeks..

We have finally gotten our meeting places near schools with their days & times set. It's been exciting to see God opening doors to minister to kids nearer Chenowith, Col. Wright & Dry Hollow Elementary Schools as well as opening up the door to reach older kids nearer the Middle School. 

Our plan is to start mid-October with the following:
  • Mondays after school (3:00-4:30), GNC will be at Cornerstone (12th & Mt. Hood).
  • Wednesdays after school (3:15-4:30) at the Evangelical Church (across from the Middle School) will be a special Club (yet to be named) for that "tween" age of kids.
  • Thursdays after school (3:00-4:30), GNC will be at Gateway (11th & Dry Hollow). 
  • Fridays after school (3:00-4:30), GNC will be at Emmanuel Baptist (10th & Snipes).  
We invite your kids, grandkids etc to join any of these clubs.  We are in the process of getting permission slips printed up and will have them available soon.

Please pray for the Lord to build these Clubs (with not only kids but helpers for each) and that kids & tweens will come to know & grow in relationship with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Also pray for God's wisdom, creativity & love to prepare lessons & reinforcing activities (especially in this social distancing era) for both the younger kid clubs and the new tween club.
Do you know what to do in an emergency?

AED Training
Sunday October 17th

Immediately following service on Sunday October 17th, there will be a short training session for our AED machine. Sarah Smith will show those who are interested how to use this life saving device.
 Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes
We are officially kicking things off this weekend for Operation Christmas Child Shoebox gifts. Located in the Fireside Room at First Christian Church is a donation box for items for our packing parties to be held in November. Also available near the box are empty shoeboxes for you to fill. We have follow your box labels that you can activate online available next to the brochures. Remember, we need $9.00 for each box.
  We have a few projects if you would like to help us out in prepping for loading boxes. We have 300 boxes that need assembled and the ends duck-taped; pencils that need "Jesus loves you" written on them and some more Lego kits assembled.
Items we do not need anymore of are school supplies and washcloths  

What we do need are the following:
 Hygiene: 100 youth soft toothbrushes; 
          140 adult soft toothbrushes;
          100 bars of mild (Ivory or Dove) soap.
 Toys: 80 3" bouncy balls;
      85 Hot Wheels cars;
      101 Barbie dolls;
      90 jump ropes;
      50 Yo-Yos;
      Play Doh;
      My Little Ponies;
      Soccer Balls (and ball pumps)
      Potato Heads;
      50 Harmonicas (we do not need kazoos);
      Small games (also need your Altoid tins to make games);
 Miscellaneous: Hair goodies;
                Little craft kits;
                Jewelry for younger and older girls;
                Baseball caps for kids;
                Playing cards, dice and marbles;
Jennifer and Joyce are still shopping and would appreciate your prayers for being able to find the best deals to good stewards. If you need them to do your shopping, contact them at 541-296-3391. Please pray for the kids who will receive our boxes to know our love for them but most importantly the open the door of their hearts to know how much Jesus loves them. 
Ministry Action Team Meeting
Tuesday October 19th

Ministry Action Team Members, we are having our quarterly meeting on Tuesday October 19th beginning at 6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall. If you head up an area of ministry you are encouraged to join us.
October monthly goal $32,788.08
Received to date $9,677.00
Help Us Help Our Community
With the wet and cold weather right around the corner, St Vincent dePaul is in need of tents, sleeping bags, and tarps for those who are not able to be in the pallet homes, yet still need a warm and dry place to sleep.

Donations can be dropped off at 315 W 3rd St any Monday - Thursday between 10am and 4pm.
WHAT WE BELIEVE...The Dalles First Christian Church is an independent governed congregation with elder oversight. Our roots are found in the Restoration Movement. We follow the Lord’s plea for unity. We support all believers who accept Jesus as Lord of their lives. We don’t consider ourselves the only Christians, but “Christians only”. We look to the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. We follow the New Testament in matters of faith and practice. We observe communion on a weekly basis and follow the Biblical pattern of conversion. Church members have exhibited their faith in Christ by belief, repentance, public confession of faith, baptism (immersion), and a continual faithful obedience to Biblical standards of living. We stand firm on the essential doctrines of the faith, but observe freedom in the non-essential areas of Christian life and belief.
First Christian Church, The Dalles
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