As I have lived on Sint Maarten for these last 2 plus years I have found that Reiki can be a challenging topic for many people. I decided to find out what this misnomer was all about.
Those that are educated understand that Reiki is a clear way to use the energy that surrounds us as a helping hand for healing. Those that are not educated have been misinformed that it is a negative form of control. Where did this misinformation come from?
Most of the incorrect information on Reiki is coming from religious organizations, their teaching or their leaders and other uneducated, brainwashed or controlling groups. When Jesus talked about the laying on of hands, it was a good thing. It was using the energy that came through him, (I am the light and the way) that was of Gods energy. It was of the highest source. Today as we use Reiki, it is not different.
The Reiki energy comes from the highest source; it is the “God” energy, our source and the highest vibration of pure love. The person that lays the hands on another is not, the energy, GOD or the source. The person laying the hands on is the conduit of Gods love, a conduit of Source energy or pure love. The Reiki practitioner is the holder, vessel or the channel of the energy: they are not the healer. God, source and pure love are the healer. The body is a miracle and when it receives the energy it allows the energy in to go to where it is needed and then the body uses that loving energy to heals itself. These Reiki practitioners are trained and certified to practice this healing energy assistance.
When Jesus walked the earth, he asked us not to judge but to love one another and to live in the purest of hearts, to give of ourselves, to be in the world not of the world. Jesus asked us to love our neighbors as ourselves. These are lessons we may all want to take a look and return to. Judging a process of healing that is of God, our source and pure love is the opposite of what Jesus taught. When we open our hearts and feel the truth or what Reiki is about we too can assist at sharing the love. As we know this loving energy assist in all levels of health, lowering blood pressure, increased breath capacity, raising the immune system, a healthier heart and increased energy and morale. There are many studies completed on Reiki, from universities, nursing schools, hospitals, military organizations and churches.
Love is the way, Reiki is an amazing tool to share health, healing, and has nothing but the highest intention of God, our source and purest love. How Reiki may have come to be misjudged appears to come from those that wish to control rather than to being open to creation and the sharing of Gods’ loving energy. I pray for peace, love and healing for all.