Every day is a new day here at San Francisco Pride. And yet, it is familiar all at the same time. After three years of pivoting and reinventing to bring you Pride during the pandemic, we're back in the swing of production for an in-person event. You can almost feel the thrum of the baseline from the Main Stage as you wander the Celebration in Civic Center Plaza, with the grand dame of City Hall as a backdrop. People laughing, dancing and everything so brilliantly colorful. Music from community stages, performances, speakers.

It's like Spring after the longest, coldest winter you've ever known. The sun so blazingly bright as the Dykes on Bikes roar down Market Street, sparkling off hot chrome, just paces ahead of the Board of Director's Resistance Contingent marching out front (more about that below). The June 25th and 26th two-day event is going to be here soon. Get ready, here we come!
Meet Your 2022 Community Grand Marshals
Presenting to you, 7 Community Grand Marshals chosen by a public poll, Membership vote, and Board of Director's choices. Starting from the top left: Picked by the public are Vinny Eng and the African American Art & Culture Complex. Then Members of SF Pride were tied when they selected Melanie DeMore and Sorcorro "Cori" Moreland. Bottom left: the Board of Directors added Mellanique "Black" Robicheaux, Amber Gray, and Andrea Horne (Lifetime Achievement). To read more about them, please visit the Grand Marshal page of our website.
New Friends with Benefits
There have been two exciting developments this month that we're excited to share. San Francisco Pride is pleased to announce their new broadcast partner, ABC7 KGO-TV. The 3-year relationship begins in 2022 with a 90-minute live presentation of the Parade on Sunday, June 26th, starting at 10:30 AM. They will also include a streaming of the entire Parade. "We're so excited to begin this new relationship with ABC7 Bay Area. Their continued commitment to elevating voices from our community is apparent. The live broadcast of the Parade will be outstanding! Thank you to everyone at ABC7," commented Suzanne Ford, Interim Executive Director, San Francisco Pride.

Though the two organizations have been acquainted for many years, Golden Gate Business Association (GGBA) Executive Director Terry Beswick and SF Pride Interim Executive Director Suzanne Ford took the collaboration between the two nonprofits to the next level — partnership in the growth of the Bay Area LGBTQ+ community.
Is the Tide Coming In or Going Out?
As our queer community sits here waist-deep in these changing tides, I ask you this question:

Is the tide coming in or going out, or... is there a tsunami just off shore? Sitting here looking over recent events that affect not only our queer community, but all of society — on one hand I feel inspired by the confirmation of our first African American female Supreme Court justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, to the vountry’s highest court. But on the other hand, it took over 120 years to pass the nation’s first anti-lynching bill on March 8th, which President Biden signed into law on March 29, 2022.
Then, on Transgender Day of Visibility (March 31), President Biden signed a proclamation increasing federal protections of transgender and gender-variant folks, to help combat the flood of anti-trans and anti-queer bills in state legislatures across the county.

But as I understand, executive orders can be undone by future administrations, so any gain is tenuous at best. What now comes up for me is... will we have to wait over 120 years for the Equality bill to be signed into law? Will it take that long for history to repeat, or will it be the same old way of things as usual?
—Di'ara Melite Reid
March With the Resistance Contingent
Please fill out the form at (or at the link below) if you and your group would like to join the contingent. We will host a poster-making workshop in the coming months.
Community Affiliates Application Form Available to Fill Out Online
Since 1997, San Francisco Pride has distributed over $3.3 million dollars in proceeds – thanks in large part to our beverage sales and donations made at our event gates.To participate, fill out the application posted on our website.The Community Affiliates Program is open to any 501(c)3-certified nonprofit organization based in the nine counties of the Bay Area, whose mission involves service to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender communities; seniors; youth; bullying; housing advocacy; animal welfare/rights; people living with HIV/AIDS; cancer; or homelessness.
Register for the Parade or a Vendor Booth — Fee Increase on May 1st
We're back in person again! Come join us for our 52nd year and register to be in the Parade or staff a vendor booth at the Celebration in Civic Center Plaza. Our two-day event will be held on Saturday, June 25th and Sunday, June 26th. Book them now before the fees increase on May 1st!
Photographer and Journalist Inclusion
To become a member of our media list, schedule an interview with our Executive Director or Board President, or make any inquiries, please check in at our Media page. Keep on top of all SF Pride announcements!
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