Feeling hot Hot HOT!
Everything in this line is on fire and wow do they have a great assortment!
Hot Focus covers so many categories including hair, accessories, nail art,
jewelry boxes, and arts/crafts and much more… and kids are
obsessed with their on-point trending themes.
When you think of Birthday Parties, Christmas Gifts, or Easter Baskets -
these items hit just the right price point.
Check out some of the items we have highlighted below but make sure to also
ο»Ώ look through the catalog below. There is something here for everyone!

Glamour Butterfly, Tie Dye Butterfly - 125TB 
Carryall Makeup Case, Rainbow - 123RB 
Drop A Note Writing Fun, Unicorn - 230UC 
Live Show, Rainbow - 631RB  
 Glamour Butterfly, Tie Dye Butterfly - 125TB 
Diary with Lock & Key, 8 pcs Assorted in PDQ - 251PDQ 
Pop Glamour Nails, Tie Dye Butterfly - 031TB 
 Cutie Squishy, Caticorn - 092CAT 
Multi-Function Pencil Case, Caticorn - 295CAT 
Insulated Unique Tumbler Writing Fun, 6 pcs Assorted - 406PDQ  
Beauty Treats, Rainbow - 830RB