April 2020
Mudita Community!
In his poem Everything is Waiting for You , David Whyte reminds us

the doors have always been there to frighten and invite you 

As I closed the old studio I was reminded of all the fears I had as I stood before that door. They were big, often daunting! Some days they paralyzed me, created reaction, left me frazzled. Other days they inspired me, awakened me, led me to courageously act. So, yes, the door frightened me and at the same time I experienced a force stronger than fear that has carried me, supported me, held me. A force that became powerful invitations:
invitations to grow as a teacher, a mentor, to share the practice of yoga, in familiar ways and unfamiliar ways;

invitations to grow as a friend, to create a strong community of vibrant individuals, all unique, yet collectively seeking refuge in joy;

invitations to grow as a citizen, to rise up to serve, collectively and individually, to see that as a foundation for my purpose;

invitations to grow as a woman, to be empowered in my truth. There, to inspire others to see their truth, to dream beyond their fears, to recognize the power of love. To be JOY!

Yes, a force that became an invitation to, again and again, grow beyond my imagination! 

I am experiencing this now as our new space comes alive.
There the invitation is even grander.
Now two doors welcome us!

They are larger, wider, which makes the fear even bigger. Honestly, most days the fear comes at me like a huge wave hovering, seemingly wanting to wash me away. Even with that enormous fear, the invitations, and the support that comes with them, remain. The invitations, the encouragement, are vast, wide enough to hold any fear you or I may be experiencing in this moment. Inviting us to what is possible, holding the places of our growth, allowing for a powerful unfolding of joy. 

In accepting that invitation we bring forth the
strength, courage and power
needed when we are together again.

Connection is essential to our health and well-being in this moment.

We need community now
more than ever!

Thank you, everyone, who is continuing to
stay connected and support Mudita . . . 

For showing up for virtual classes, thank you .

For keeping your membership active, thank you.

For purchasing new passes, thank you.

For inviting friends to join us online, thank you. 

Truly, thank you. 

All of that support is helping ease the burden of this moment, helping sustain Mudita in this time of challenge. I am deeply appreciative of your continued support of our studio, of our Be JOY community! 
Thank you, as well, for supporting the many other communities you belong to.

In this time of difficulty, we are even more dependent on your commitment to us. On behalf of all small businesses, an expression of gratitude and appreciation is being sent to you daily. 
May the ways you are giving
fill you with joy and return to you richly, abundantly.
Offerings of JOY
My heart is so full each time I get to teach you. To get to continue to do what brings me joy in this precarious time has been incredibly grounding for me. That and my own practice is saving me daily!

I am finding so much peace in the moments on my mat.

The invitation is here for you to discover that with us!
We are now online, with a modified schedule of offerings

A way to practice with us every day!
9:30 am    Stability Flexibility & Balance - Lindsey
6:00 pm    Mindful Movement - J erdon   
9:15 am   Power Vinyasa - Jennifur
7:15 pm   Power Down - Julie

7:00 pm   Restore - Carrie

9:15 am  Power Vinyasa  - Amy      
4:30 pm   Stretch & Flow  - Lindsey
9:30 am     emPower your Core  - Carrie

8:30 am  Power for All! - Annie
10:15 am Restore -  Carrie

9:00 am emPower  - Carrie
All our classes hold an intention to support you– whether you need to release stress, relax in the moment, feel your strength, laugh, breathe, or remember who you truly are! Through all of that, our invitation remains to find the well-spring of Joy already within you.
Here are the instructions for the online offerings:
You will sign up here for the class you want to attend: I accept the invitation to practice!

Use your regular class card or purchase a drop in (or even buy a card!). Please sign up at least a half hour before class.

Once you sign up for class, you will receive an email with instructions on how to connect to the online format.

Put your mat out, in your own house,
in a place you can be open to the practice!!

Log on just before class. We will be waiting for you!
Please let me know if you have any questions, if you need help getting signed up, or if there is any other way I may support you
carrie.coppola@gmail.com | 801.699.3627
New offering of JOY
​Many of us are feeling that even though we are staying safe, staying home, we are losing connection with ourselves. Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, times slips away, mornings are lost, the days deplete us.

This is a potent time, ripe for meaningful connection with our self.  A potent time to establish rituals that your future self with thank you for!

Imagine how different your day would be if you made the effort to feel joy first thing!

The invitation is here,
the door is open

Rise in Ritual!
Join Carrie to awake with intention!

There is beauty in taking time for yourself,
creating sacred space to shape your day, your life.

Let's start next week!
April 21st

Tuesday & Thursday
7 – 7:30 am

This three-week online series will include pranayama, meditation, journaling and other morning rituals

Join me to discover how morning rituals create space to energize your mind, body, spirit and set the tone for your day!

Sign up today for a special discounted rate -

$65 for the three week series

After April 19 - $90

Dates for online course: April 21, 23, 28, 30 and May 5 and 7

Course includes: all online sessions, weekly assignments, altar and sacred space ideas.

Contact Carrie for questions of help getting signed up: carrie.coppola@gmail.com
More offerings of JOY
Meet me in Presence for a
free meditation practice!

Saturday, April 18
4 - 4:30 pm

There we will find love, truth,
joy and beyond!

Sign up here: Mudita meditation
Yogis Being JOY
3150 South 900 West

Rain or shine or pandemic . . . We were able to deliver to all our clients!
They were incredibly grateful. As was I!!!
Thank you to Paulette, Allison, Adrienne, Ben and my sweet son, Tony for being such brave volunteers.

My heart was so filled with joy from your willingness to serve. 

As many of you know, the Rescue Mission building was damaged in the earthquake. Since that time they have been in temporary housing in South Jordan.
The men are safe, which we are grateful for.

The new location does not have a kitchen facility so they are in need of having their meals provided for them. River (aka Charsti) who is my ever loyal Mission companion, is spearheading the efforts to support our Mission friends.

River found two restaurants that are willing to provide meals at a discount

Chaia Cucina Catering
International Pantry

$10 will provide two meals per day for one person!

Currently there are 60 residents at the Mission - which means we need just about $600 to be able to provide meals for one day. $10 at a time!!!

Please let me know if you would like to support our efforts to continue to serve our Mission friends.
In addition to meals, they need:

Men’s Underwear all size
Body wash / Shampoo
Paper towels
Large Trash Bags 45 Gal size
Digital Antenna for the TV
Disposable - plates/bowls/utensils
Bath Towels
Notebooks/Pencils/Art Supplies
Hacky Sacks

If you would like to donate please contact Carrie at 801.699.3627
Thank you for reading all the way through!

I am so looking forward to when we can all be together again.
When that time comes, know that

everything will be waiting for you . . .
Carrie Coppola | Mudita - Be Joy Yoga | 801.699.3627 | bejoyyoga.com