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November Newsletter
This month's issue features:

  • D'var Kesher: And You Shall Be a Blessing...
  • Highlights this Month
  • Celebrating CJDS Alumni
  • Photo Highlights
  • CJDS Community Events
  • Community Milestones
D’var Kesher from Head of School
Rachel Arcus-Goldberg
November 6, 2020 / 19 Heshvan 5781
D'var Kesher: And You Shall Be a Blessing…

I dedicate and address this week’s Dvar Kesher to the students of CJDS, with a special shout out to the Third Grade who celebrated their Humash Ceremony yesterday.

In Parashat Lech Lecha, God assures Avraham that he and his descendants will become a great nation, that God will bless them, that Avraham’s name will be great and that he, Avraham, shall be a blessing. V’heyeh Bracha.

What does it mean that God will bless Avraham, and that Avraham will be a blessing?  

Well, students, it means you.

We, your parents and teachers, bless you with everything, both sacred and mundane, that we can give you - food, clothing, books, music, Jewish values, an education. As Debbie Friedman says - Lechi Lach to a land that I will show you. We guide you and provide for you. And as you grow and absorb all that we have given you, we watch you develop into the thoughtful, talented and smart kids that you are, and you are a blessing. The swell of pride that we feel is the blessing that you are bestowing back to us, your parents, grandparents and teachers.

We are living right now in uncertain times, but the future belongs to you, students. Lech Lecha to a place you do not know. We do not know what lies ahead. But I do know this - as I look out onto the faces of the incredible students of CJDS, I see a generation of leaders. I see thoughtful, kind, insightful, knowledgeable people who will continue to pursue justice and democracy and always make your voices heard. 

Lechi Lach, on your journey I will bless you. And You shall be a blessing, you shall be a blessing, you shall be a blessing, Lechi Lach. 

In you, students, I see hope. You are our blessing. 

Shabbat Shalom,
Highlights this Month
  • Integrated Science and Social Studies
Last week during 3rd-5th grade science, students enjoyed a community gathering simulating a Pow Wow including corn cooked in the fire.

Science Specialist, Dr. Gina Freeman shared that her favorite comments from students were: “Can we do this every week?” “After taking one bite my mouth is saying thank you” and “I am so grateful, I was so hungry."A warm fire warms the body and spirit.
The fourth and fifth graders have been working on their winter "sit spots" this past month. These students have been studying Native American culture, and were tasked with designing sit spot that can shelter from the sun and cold weather. The catch: using only items found in nature.

The students were very creative. Each fourth and fifth grader has a winter sit spot to use while learning outside during these next few winter months.
  • Kindergarten "All About Me" Unit
Kindergarteners are very excited to share their final project for this trimester's unit. They created timelines of their life milestones!

Each kindergarten student sequenced the dates, words, and pictures of their lives thus far. The class designed a quiz! Then, each student went through and filled out the questionnaire about each other’s timeline.

If you want to play along, click here to learn more about the kindergarteners, and fill out the Kindergarten Questionnaire.
  • "Buddy time" Over Zoom
CJDS Fourth Graders played a fun "Zoom around the Room" game with their First Grade buddies, who are currently learning at home, using google meet. Fourth graders led the virtual game through google meet, and explained to their buddies how to play.

Students searched for find items in their room or at home as quickly as possible and brought them back to the computer to show the rest of the group.

A few of the categories included: something in Hebrew, an item that starts with the letter M, something that you got as a baby an item connected to Shabbat, and 3 items that look the same.
  • Democracy in Action
Second and Third Grade students participated in their own elections on November 3rd. Third graders have been learning about important issues such as the environment, health care, and the economy, and have been researching candidates and following current events and developments. They were excited to exercise their right to vote and cast their ballots for President.
Additionally, Third Graders have been using vocabulary around the election to create spelling lists and journal topics.

Fourth and Fifth Graders discussed the complexities of the Electoral College. Ms. V, shared, "I am very passionate about teaching government and current events, and want my students to understand they're living through history."

While the Second Grade also held their own election, and cast their ballot for which game to play, choosing between Would you Rather, Hangman, or Guess my Number.
  • A toast to Susan Couden
CJDS faulty and staff virtually toasted to Susan Couden's retirement during her final Faculty Meeting last week.

More than a few tears were shed as we shared stories and appreciation of her incredible work, and toasted to her next adventure.

There's still time to RSVP if you are interested in attending the Kabbalat Shabbat honoring beloved Art Teacher, Susan Couden, happening next Friday, November 13 at 1:30 PM. Please RSVP here.
Celebrating CJDS Alumni
Featuring Relli Cohen
This month's alum feature is all about Relli Cohen. Relli, a CJDS alumna, and currently on her way to being a board-certified pediatric gastroenterologist.

After leaving CJDS and transferring to Bexley Schools, Relli went on to graduate from Indiana University with a BS in biology with minors in chemistry and Jewish studies. After, Relli attended Ohio University for medical school and completed a 3-year medical residency in pediatrics at Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo, NY. Currently a 1st year fellow in pediatric gastroenterology at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC, and soon to be a board-certified pediatrician with plans of being a board-certified pediatric gastroenterologist in 3 years.
"CJDS was a nurturing learning environment where I learned to think critically and for myself. I learned to question things and not just take them at face value. I learned to be confident, which has helped me through out my medical career. I also learned to be a leader – something that is very important in my career because as a physician I lead a team of nurses, physicians in training, and students."

Her favorite part about CJDS? The long-lasting friendships that she formed. Relli shares, "I am still great friends with most of my graduating class from CJDS, even though we all now live all over the country (and world!). The people I graduated with are all amazing human beings who are changing the world in their own ways."
"I am even still in contact with old teachers! I continue to get a holiday card every year from Mrs. Emilie Greenwald, my beloved middle school math teacher."

While attending CJDS during middle school (when CJDS was K-8), her class went to Washington DC. She shares that it was a great bonding experience for her and her classmates. "We visited the US Holocaust Museum which was very powerful and moving as someone who is the granddaughter of two Holocaust survivors." Adding, "CJDS always allowed me to have priceless learning opportunities."
Photo Highlights
Third graders during the recording of the play Avram ha Yeled for chumash class.
Students harvested 2 lbs of radishes, 1 lb of kale, and basil from the CJDS gardens to drop off at the NA Food Pantry.
Special visitor during Kabbalat Shabbat - Noah, from the Parshat Noah, shared the story about the animals brought onto the ark.
First graders Creation project around the parsha in the Torah.
Fourth graders taking a stand -- reading the Declaration of Independence while standing on chairs.
Writers workshop in kindergarten.
CJDS Community Events
  • Friday, 11/13 - 1:30-2:15pm - Kabbalat Shabbat Honoring Susan Couden
  • Tuesday, 11/24 - 8:30-9:00 am - (Virtual) Community & Special Friends Day
  • Friday, 12/4 - 1:40-2:15pm - (Virtual) All School Kabbalat Shabbat
  • Friday, 12/11 - 1:40-2:20pm - (Virtual) Hanukkah Kabbalat Hag

*These events are open to the community. If you are interested in joining our virtual events, please email Amanda Chernyak for the Google Meet Link.
Community Milestones
Mazel Tov!
Mazel Tov to Rose Clubok (CJDS class of 2016) on being selected for the JWA (Jewish Women's Archive) Fellowship for outstanding emerging leaders. The Rising Voices Fellowship is a leadership development program for female-identified teens who have a passion for writing, and a strong interest in feminism and Judaism—particularly as they relate to social justice.

Mazel Tov to Emily Hecker (CJDS class of 2004) and Edwin on their engagement, and mazel tov to proud parents Gordon and Donna Hecker.
Mi Sh'Berach

We wish Naomi Kayne (longtime friend and supporter of CJDS) a speedy recovery.

We wish Steve Wasserman, Hebrew Name: Ysrael Ben Mindel (close friend to Annelyn Baron) a speedy recovery.

We wish Sandy Grossman Dworkin (close friend to Annelyn Baron) a speedy recovery.

We extend our prayers to any family in our community who may be impacted by coronavirus.
May Their Memory be a Blessing

We extend our condolences to the Schottenstein family on the passing of Rosalie Schottenstein. We send love and support to our dear friends and long time supporters of CJDS: Miriam and Bernard Yenkin, Leslie Yenkin, and Jonathan Petuchowski.
Baruch Dayan Ha’emet.
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