Attendee Log In Instructions
CCCAOE Fall 2020 Virtual Experience
2020 A Perfect Vision For Student Success
Our Fall 2020 Virtual Experience is a vital component to the growth and development of career education. We are excited to present experts from a variety of topics, best practices along with energizing opportunities to network virtually with leaders and peers who like you, show up every day in their roles as active leaders. 

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We thank you for being an important part of this groundbreaking event. As you know, this event will be entirely virtual, and with that comes many questions on HOW we are going to do this, and HOW you will access presentations. The highlighted item listed below needs your attention. 
Prior to Kickoff Wednesday, September 30th @ 10:30 am: 
Log in to Attendify to verify your email address is correct. You will use your email and code (Ctefall20) to access the Attendify platform from your desktop or cell phone. It will look slightly different on each device.   

on your desktop or SCAN the QR code to download on your cell phone or iPad. 

If you have an issue logging in send an email to registration@cccaoe.org.
 Email Subject - Attendify Log-In issue
Presentation Day:

  • Log in to Attendify
  • Click on SCHEDULE - this will take you to a calendar view of all sessions throughout the conference.
  • Sessions - Click on the session you would like to attend. You will click the ZOOM link and be transported to the session or a pre-recorded video. 
  • Community - network with your peers, connect with speakers, share your thoughts using the chat option.
  • Sponsors - connect with sponsors during hosted sessions or office hours noted in the schedule. Take a look at the amazing tools and resources they have available.

Post Presentation:

Access to recorded presentations received by presenters will be made available through the Attendify platform. Please be patient as we convert all the presentations to a youtube video for your viewing. We hope to have this done 30 days after the conference ends on October 28, 2020. 
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