Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Know where we are. 
Know where we're going.

California_s Roadmap HOME 2030 logo

Hi Friends,

Every Californian should have a stable, affordable place to call home. Yet for those struggling to make ends meet, housing is so expensive that millions of families don't have enough for other basic necessities or are forced to move out of their communities. Worse yet, they end up without a home at all.

Now more than ever, California needs a clear plan with a comprehensive set of housing and homelessness solutions at scale. California needs a Roadmap HOME.  

That's why Housing California and the California Housing Partnership are excited to announce California's Roadmap HOME 2030 , an initiative to develop a "Marshall Plan" that will set the course for creating a California with homes for all .

Poll after poll shows that Californians want solutions that provide access to affordable housing, keep people in stable homes, and end homelessness. If we are going to make meaningful progress, then we need to get beyond band-aid solutions and provide a clear vision we all can work toward, together. California's #RoadmapHOME 2030 will fill that void. 

Matt Schwartz
President & CEO
California Housing Partnership

Lisa Hershey
Executive Director
Housing California