23 June 2020
Getting our ovals ready for community sports

Community sport competitions will restart from 1 July in line with the latest Public Health Orders.

Council has been busy preparing our sports ovals for these activities to resume, with the team working with 'Kermit', our line marking robot.

Cumberland City Council was one of the first councils in NSW to use this kind of technology, which has provided significant savings for sports groups using our fields.

We look forward to seeing community sport start to take off from 1 July.
Merrylands CCTV rollout
Council is strategically placing CCTV cameras on Merrylands Road between Military Road and Treves Street, to improve security for the community, crime detection and prosecution action. 

They are licence plate equipped, and the aim is to centralise the camera systems in our local government area while also working together with NSW Police to help provide a safer environment for Cumberland City. 

Safety is our number one priority. We expect this project to be completed this month.
Wentworthville is getting a makeover
Earlier this year, Council approved the Wentworthville Centre Revitalisation Strategy which will see Wentworthville Town Centre revamped into a vibrant, urban landmark.

The strategy aims to facilitate the urban renewal and economic revitalisation of the area. It includes an additional 1800 dwellings over the next decade, a shopping centre and public domain plazas.

The new shopping centre will generate over 200 jobs during construction and 260 ongoing jobs within the commercial and retail component of the development. 

The Public Domain Plan developed by Council focuses on delivering high-quality public spaces for recreational use in the heart of Wentworthville. 

Keep an eye out for the next phase of this project as we continue to beautify Wentworthville.
Easing Restrictions: What else is opening
Council, in line with Public Health Orders, will be reopening a range of facilities and services, including: 

Libraries: From 29 June 2020, all libraries will be open to the public. Some services will remain suspended. For a full list of available services and opening hours please visit our website

Swim Centres: From 26 June 2020, Granville Swim Centre will be joining Guildford Swim Centre for lap swimming and squad training services. 
To book a private swimming class or for more information about our swim centres, please call 8757 9050.

Community Centres: From 1 July 2020, community centres will be reopened to the public. To book a space, please call Council on 8757 9050. 

Stay up-to-date with reopenings, events and workshops on our website
CCTV to catch illegal dumping offenders
Council has identified hotspots where CCTV cameras will be setup to catch illegal dumping offenders.

We have seen a significant surge in illegal dumping since the lockdown began, with more than 780 reported cases in May 2020. This is an increase of 60% since May 2019.

Mayor Steve Christou is urging residents to take responsibility of keeping the streets clean.

"This is our home and it's our duty to look after it," Mayor Steve Christou said. 

"W e don't want to fine people up to $8,000 for illegal rubbish dumping but the reality is cleaning up illegal dumping comes at an expense to Council and ultimately ratepayers."

If you want to get rid of unused items you can Book a Clean-Up up to 4 times a year, free of charge. To Book a Clean-Up visit our website or phone us at 
8757 9000.
Living Safely: Protect yourself from scams

As part of the Living Safely in Cumberland City, your safety is our priority. 

One of the most common threats to watch out for are scams.  Here are some tips to ensure your devices are secured: 
  • Do not save passwords on your computer.
  • Do not open attachments unless you are sure they are legitimate.
  • Install anti-virus software and ensure it is up-to-date.
  • Don't allow anyone remote access to your computer (unless you contacted them for IT support).
  • Do not follow links to update personal details.
  • Check that websites are secure. See if the address has 'https:' rather than 'http:', or if there is a closed padlock or unbroken key in bottom right corner to show that it is encrypted - this is especially important on websites with credit card or banking transactions.
  • When you receive an email, check sender's email address to ensure it appears genuine.
If you have identified out of the ordinary activity, you can report it to Scam Watch.
What's On 
Living Less Workshop

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How to Prepare a Loan Application

Wednesday 8 July 2020, 5:30pm - 6:45pm. Book online today. 

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Contact your Councillors

Cumberland City Council has 14 Councillors representing the five Wards of Granville, Greystanes, South Granville, Regents Park and Wentworthville. 

The primary role of a Councillor is to represent the people who live in their Ward. 

They are your local representative to Council. 

To find out who are the Councillors for your ward and their contact details please click here.