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I hope your all having fun and staying warm. Things have been busy here as normal working on some projects that all in a strange way are always connected fishing.Actually in in a

This news letter was meant to be about naming the rotten people that have been copying/steeling my fly designs which is my art, solely to make money and letting you know who they are mainly two guys from the company Manic Tackle in New Zealand and one from Australia, more about them in detail later as more important things have come up in my life and others.YES ! even more important than being ripped off others in the fly fishing industry, that's nothing compared to what goes on in the world sometimes.

Ive thought long and hard about what I,m about to let you all know. At first it was just a private experience that know-one needed to know about, though the more people that shunned the subject made me realized how taboo the subject is and just maybe by myself speaking out about it , I hope somehow, just maybe it will help others speak up and even help someone somewhere by reporting anything suspicious they hear or see. As I have learned from years of not speaking up, nobody will ever know and be able to help anyone, if nothing is ever said.
I,m not looking for any pats on the back or anything of the like, this is about helping the victims out there or helping stopping them becoming victims. Don't keep quiet if you know anything just speak out, please.

As you know from my last news letter. I have been in a very remote village and holed up working on fly designs , fishing (well trying)and writing. Whilst in this village on my daily walks around it, I encountered a man ,who for the life of me, I could not think of any reason why he was there . I learned this was his fourth visit in five years and he stay's for up to five weeks at a time. He was not working for any of the aid foundations, into animals or fishing. No one knew his name, locals and children called him uncle, he rented a small house on the outskirts.

I noticed he was always surrounded by small children always young boys ,if i passed them in the fields none would speak including the man. I started to ask around the four westerners around the area were suspicious though never dared say anything to anyone as it was all a bit of a taboo subject.Being a fly fishier and fly designer it was all pretty much the same game for me ,I observed and watched all from a distance until I built a picture up of the behaviors of the man. Until I could take no more and had to act. Against the grain of the locals and the westerners, I decided to act on my suspicions and was not going to be swayed otherwise.
With my mind set that I was doing the right thing even without any actual evidence as such i set about contacting the relevant authorities.
How hard could that be I thought.

Especially when I searched and read that in the past few years quite a few western men had been coming to Nepal and preying on children. Apparently they all talked to each other on the dark web, to find the best and safest places to go to conduct their crimes. A few had been arrested and put in jail in Nepal ,though the sentences are pretty lenient compared to the western world. Getting a conviction is hard as the victims never want to talk is another issue.

I contacted every agency I could in Nepal and overseas, as I could not find just one in Nepal to contact, in fact any?. I waited over two weeks with basically not one reply, even contacting all the head police departments. I was so frustrated with it all, how could anyone report anything. Eventually I remembered that someone had said the guy spoke once in dutch many years ago. So maybe So after so much frustration and refusing to give up, I contacted the dutch embassy. They actually got back to me straight away and very concerned, though it took another two weeks before anything started to move on the official front. I had no photo of the guy and when I went to get one, he had left the village. I was upset and pissed off, we had run out of time.
Though with my description and information the specialist unit of the dutch police , sent me through a photo to identify and 1000% it was him.

I was sworn to secrecy and everything else so cant tell you too much. Appart from as I was leaving Nepal, I got information from some sources that it had been on the news back in Holland that a man had been arrested coming back from Nepal and now being charged child pornography and child abuse.

A day later I got another official private letter from the secret police ,thanking me again for my work, letting me know he had been arrested and now the hard part for them had begun which was identifying the victims and getting them the much needed support. I could not believe that no one before me would speak out, that still bugs me , big time.

I was ecstatic, to say the least, that he had been arrested, after I thought he had slipped through the net at one point and was devastated when that happened.

This is one nasty,evil fish, where I don't want to see catch and release practiced on.
If it was not for my life of fishing and travel. I would not have been there, I,m so grateful to everything fishing has brought me.

See you all next season.
Stu & Trigger