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EvoFit turns 5!!!!!


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up to?

 Danielle & Brian are excited to expand their family in May with a little BOY!


 Brielle is going to make a great Big Sis!


Maureen is focusing on her training in preparation for Goliathon in June and studying for her next level of certification


 Jason is visiting Grad Schools.


 Arielle married the love of her life, Bryan.  Allyson & Rich are over the moon!


Wayne & Trang tied the knot in October in a gorgeous ceremony in Philadelphia!

 Let's welcome

 MaKenzie to the EvoFit Family!


Reed has joined the EvoFit Coaching team! Welcome!

Have something awesome going on? Let us know!
Our potluck brunches are always a huge hit and our 5 th Anniversary potluck will be no different.  As we look at the sign up list our mouths water with the tasty dishes to come.  Hopefully everyone will bring a copy of their recipe to share!  We love the community that we have created here and we love getting together to celebrate with you.  Join us for a great Express and Tune-Up at 9am then get ready to taste the delicious dishes that your fellow EvoFit members have made.  Brian will be making his famous chili with most of the ingredients coming straight out of his organic garden in his backyard! It's a crowd favorite with little leftovers so be sure to get some early.
Our NEW Shake Bar menu is a huge hit! 

The 3 new RAW shakes are a great addition to our menu.  We have the best training and classes around so, why shouldn't our shake bar be the best as well?  Our shake bar and the ingredients we used were good before, but now they are GREAT and the highest quality we can find.  Definitely try one of the NEW RAW shakes on your next visit.... 

Berry Boost 
or Peppermint Patty. 

We have switched over some of the old favorite shakes to ORGANIC puree and other ORGANIC ingredients.  We also added a few new add in items so you can customize your shake to what your body needs and craves.  Each of our shakes contain the highest nutrient density available on the market today! Our RAW shakes have natures best natural probiotics and enzymes that help support digestion, immunity and recovery.  
Stop in for one today!
Join our Warrior Quest Classes!

We have many different Warrior Quest membership options to suit your needs!  Ask us today how you can join Warrior Quest and conquer the obstacles!

Mondays @ 7p
Thursdays @ 7p
Saturdays @11:15a
is BACK!!!

Save the date 7/29/17

Maureen would like to enter 2 boats in the race this year!  Get ready for a fun day on the water paddling your heart out

  We have a title to defend!
Holiday Hours

FALL 2016
FALL Greetings!
It's been an exciting fall!  It's always nice to see the beautiful fall foliage as the leaves change color prepping for the winter ahead.  Since the last newsletter, we have a ton of great news to share about our EvoFit team.  Since July, our members have really committed themselves with coming in and working hard at Evolution Fitness.  It's only November and we already have 5 finishers who completed the Century 100 Challenge.  Katie came in first this year followed by Bob, Rita, Pete and Patty.  Great job everyone and keep up the great work so you can be a finisher too!!! 
Our annual Turkey Burn Charity Workout is approaching.  Family members, friends and neighbors are always welcome.  This year's charity donations will go to The Center for Family Services in Camden.  We always like to choose charities in the South Jersey community where we know we can make a direct impact.  One of our members, Kirstyn, is the director of two programs at the Center for Family Services, so we're thrilled to help.  Our donations will help the centers Adolescent Services Department with providing healthy snacks for the youth and families, school supplies and warm coats for the winter ahead.  The minimum donation to participate in the Turkey Burn Charity Workout is $10.  We look forward to seeing you outside (weather permitting) on Thanksgiving morning at 8:30a for an awesome workout!  

We wish everyone a healthy &  Happy  Thanksgiving.
Our Thanks to you &  Exciting News
We were so happy on Halloween to announce the newest addition to our family coming in May 2017... and it's a BOY!  We are fortunate enough to be welcomed by great people every day who care about our family.  We truly have a unique place where every member has met and/or spent time with our daughter, Brielle.  It just happens to be the perfect time of year to share our thanks.  We are thankful to have such special members that have believed in us and our approach to fitness since the beginning. We are thankful to have the most exciting job by helping people reach their goals and live healthy lifestyles.  
Most importantly, we are thankful for the community we have built at Evolution Fitness.  The connections and relationships that have been made here are priceless. It's great to see the friendships and the network opportunities created to help improve the lives of our members beyond their health.  It goes much deeper than just walking in to any gym and getting a good workout.  It's the support we have for each other that makes it work.  So, we thank you again for 5 wonderful years and for many more to come.
Holiday Hold'Em is Here!
The Holiday Hold'em is back!  Did you know the average American gains almost 10 pounds of Body Fat during the Holidays?  Don't be average and join our challenge! Bet against the 'HOUSE' and beat the odds this holiday season!  Holiday Hold'em Calendars are available at the shake bar café.  Don't forget to 'PLACE' your 'BET' ($10) and to schedule your InBody between 11/16 - 11/23.
#DontBeAverage this Holiday Season
Eat Local & Seasonal for  Optimal Health
Reds, Brown and Yellows are upon us during the season of Fall. These changes in season are indicators from nature around us that we too shall change. Studies show that particular chemical reactions within our bodies occur through our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems that require different foods and therefore nutrients to keep our major bodily systems optimized. So how do we accommodate these changes so we feel our best in health?
Eat from Local Organic Farms and Markets. They tend to harvest seasonal produce that our bodies naturally have instinct to adapt. From the PH balance in your stomach to the reduction of Lactic Acid buildup from your workouts you will be in a better state of optimization by eating the nutrients required during these times. Stay away from eating TOO MUCH non-seasonal produce like Bananas which have naturally occurring histamine which can be higher in the Fall due to higher Mold and Ragweed counts.
Drink nutrient rich broths and/or soups with circulatory and gut repairing nutrients. The digestive system requires more warming foods to keep the metabolism revved.

At night, eat a full nutritionally complete dinner filled with proteins, raw seasonal veggies and cooked veggies to induce your parasympathetic nervous system which is your recovery system. Melatonin production is at the forefront of optimizing this process. Cooked Veggies should be consumed a little more than Raw seasonal veggies during the Fall and Winter due to the necessary breakdown of particular fibers in these seasonal veggies. Particular nutrients and/or foods have certain benefits for the individual in order to optimize this process. Schedule a complementary nutrition strategy session if you have yet to meet with me and learn more about our Bio-Specific (Individual) Custom Program and how it can help you. Meanwhile, as always...Stay Well
Positively Motivating  Ourselves & Others
The way we view the world, our family, ourselves and our environment will influence our actions and decisions in life.  That's why at Evolution Fitness our second Core Value is "Motivate with Positivity".  If we can motivate ourselves and others with positive thoughts and actions, we can start a trend toward a happier, more content life.
That doesn't mean we live in a fantasy world.  One of the first steps to becoming more positive is to accept and understand the reality of the situation.  Accepting our circumstances with an optimistic view point and not giving into negative and self-defeating thoughts will assist you toward improvement.  If you are having trouble with the form of an exercise at the gym or difficulty losing weight, accept your situation, then take the necessary steps to achieve your goals. 
Goals?   Yes, one of the best ways to build confidence, healthy self-esteem and foster a positive outlook within yourself is to set a goal and achieve it.  The goal should be realistic, manageable and achievable.  Don't be afraid to ask for help.  Your coaches at EvoFit are there to help you.  They take pleasure in encouraging you, watching you achieve your goals and creating new and even more challenging goals to reach for.  Share your positive experience with others and allow the good feelings to permeate your day.  Your positive attitude will affect those around you.
Encouraging others to achieve their goals is another great way to keep the good vibes flowing.  During class or a semi private training session, don't be afraid to encourage your workout partner to strive for more.  By stepping outside ourselves and focusing on others, we can create an environment of helpfulness and caring.  Positive feelings begin to flow back and forth and a workout that could have been a chore is now effortless and fun.
Most importantly, all these steps would not be possible unless we practice being in the moment and are aware of our surroundings and thoughts.  Take some time before you start your day, your work out or when you transition from one situation to the next and bring yourself into the present moment.  Bringing yourself into the present moment can be done by simply stopping and focusing on the next task at hand.  You can stop, take a deep breath and set your intention.  This may be while you are helping others or helping yourself.  Intend to do it with positivity.
Finally, be thankful for what you have.  Our forefathers knew how important the concept of giving thanks was so they created a holiday for it.  Do it all day, every day and watch your outlook change from negative to positive.  Give thanks for the little things, a warm cup of coffee or tea, your healthy body or a pair of comfy shoes. You'll find the more positive and thankful you are; the more positive your surroundings and experiences will be. I give thanks every day for my fantastic Evolution Fitness Family!!
Just a few steps can get you there, be realistic, set goals, encourage others, be in the moment and give thanks every day!!
All of our training was put to the test on October 1st when Team Evolution Fitness competed in their First Goliathon together. 
Most of our team had NEVER done an obstacle course race before but they were eager to test their skills.  A rainy September 30th, made for a more challenging race day the next day with extra mud, slippery surfaces and chilly temperatures but, Team Evolution Fitness pressed on and gave it their all.  We tested some of the obstacles on "Try the Obstacles Day" and devised strategies, tips and pointers for race day.  We practiced our skills and learned the proper techniques needed to conquer the leveled obstacles during Evolution Fitness' newest class, Warrior Quest.  Warrior Quest is an obstacle course fitness class designed to get you in prime condition for obstacle course racing while learning and having fun!   
As a team, we set out to challenge ourselves, help each other, earn points and make a name for ourselves!  We were victorious and placed 23
rd out of about 50 teams.  We will be back June 3 rd to climb higher on the leader board!  Do you want to join us June 3 rd and conquer the obstacles or to challenge yourself to a different level obstacle than you did in October?
Register now for lower prices! Don't forget that Goliathon donates all of the proceeds to charity:water to bring clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Spend a Saturday testing your skills, having fun and giving back with Team Evolution Fitness!
EvoFit Farm Co-Op
Did you know that EvoFit has a Farm Co-Op with Dutch Meadows Farms in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania?  For the past several months we have been ordering organic, non-GMO, grass fed, pasture raised and/or raw products from the farm and boy is it delicious!  Every two weeks, you choose your items from the current list that Brian sends and your order is due by noon on Sunday to Brian's email and like magic, a truck full of goodness appears on Tuesday.  The farm offers change per season but they have everything ...eggs, yogurt, beef, chicken, soap, raw cheese and bacon, yes bacon! November 27 th is the next order which will arrive 11/29. Stop at the front desk and get on the farm email list today!
Sneaker Donation
We all know that we have one too many pairs of sneakers in our closet that are no longer in our wearing rotation.

Well, Maureen has found us a solution!  MORE Foundation Group (Modular Organic Regeneration Environments) converts our used athletic shoe donations into tree seeds, trees and farming tools to help developing countries.  Bring in your gently used sneakers, tie them together and drop them in the bin!   Be sure to tell us, as we need to keep track of how many shoes are in the box.  Let's not TIE up the landfill and help the environment instead.