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September 2023
A Note from Darcia...
Dear Friends,

The new book is out, The Evolved Nest: Nature's Way of Raising Children and Creating Connected Communities. A new short film inspired by the book is now available and joins our trilogy of short films, Breaking the Cycle, Re-imagining Humanity, and now The Evolved Nest: Nature's Way of Raising Children. Watch the short film here.

The new Evolved Nest Curriculum, an interactive 58 page PDF, is also now available for you to download on the front page of the Evolved Nest website here.

My co-author, Gay Bradshaw, and I have given several interviews about the book. Check them out:

The Maternal Gift Salon Celebrates the Evolved Nest Book Release. Watch the video.

An interview with Meghan Armstrong-Abrami: How Do We Create Nestedness In An UnNested Culture? A Mother Asks Evolved Nest Book Authors. Watch the video.

Both Gay and I share insights from the book with Lisa Reagan, Kindred's editor. Listen to the podcast, Repairing the Primal Tear, here.

My Resistance Radio interview with Derrick Jensen is here.

To see a new vision for humanity’s future, and discover resources on the new website, remember to share the 12-minute film, Reimagining Humanity.

And don't forget to join us live for the official launch of the book and film on September 20 at 7 p.m. ET. Register to join here.

Thank you for your support of children, families and the flourishing of all our kin on precious Earth.


Darcia Narvaez, PhD
Evolved Nest, Founder
"The wound is where the light comes in provided we benefit from the
healing--through friendship, through psychotherapy...
creative writing...contemplative practices...Nature."
Celebrate the New
Evolved Nest Book and New Film!
Join Darcia and Gay for the live discussion on
September 20, 2023 at 7 p.m. ET.
The event is free, but please register to join.
Watch the film above.

From the immense Whale to the intriguing Octopus – all Animals share with humans brain structures and processes that give us the capacities for life’s rainbow of experiences: consciousness, thinking, feeling, loving, and dreaming. 
Perhaps most importantly, we share common ways of raising our young: what is called the evolved nest. Evolved nests are practices that nurture physical and psychological wellbeing. Each child is “nested” with mother, family, community, and the rest of Nature as one seamless whole. Passed from generation to generation over millions of years, each Animal’s nest has been perfected to meet and match the needs of their young. Nestedness is evolution’s way of ensuring that everyone thrives. Each Animal’s evolved nest shares basic similarities but also unique differences. 

The Evolved Nest: Nature's Way of Raising Children is the third short film in a series that includes Reimagining Humanity and Breaking the Cycle. This short film in an accompaniment to the acclaimed book, The Evolved Nest, by Darcia Narvaez and G.A. Bradshaw.

Discover the foreword, first chapter, and interviews for The Evolved Nest book below.

The evolved nest, oxytocin functioning, and prosocial development
Mary Tarsha and Darcia have a new paper published that is freely available, called "The Evolved Nest, oxytocin functioning and prosocial development."
Frontiers in Psychology, 14:1113944.

ABSTRACT: Prosociality, orientation to attuned, empathic relationships, is built from the ground up, through supportive care in early life that fosters healthy neurobiological structures that shape behavior. Numerous social and environmental factors within early life have been identified as critical variables influencing child physiological and psychological outcomes indicating a growing need to synthesize which factors are the most influential. To address this gap, we examined the influence of early life experiences according to the evolved developmental niche or evolved nest and its influence on child neurobiological and sociomoral outcomes, specifically, the oxytocinergic system and prosociality, respectively. To-date, this is the first review to utilize the evolved nest framework as an investigatory lens to probe connections between early life experience and child neurobiological and sociomoral outcomes. The evolved nest is comprised of characteristics over 30 million years old and is organized to meet a child’s basic needs as they mature. Converging evidence indicates that humanity’s evolved nest meets the needs of a rapidly developing brain, optimizing normal development. The evolved nest for young children includes soothing perinatal experiences, breastfeeding, positive touch, responsive care, multiple allomothers, self-directed play, social embeddedness, and nature immersion. We examined what is known about the effects of each evolved nest component on oxytocinergic functioning, a critical neurobiological building block for pro-sociomorality. We also examined the effects of the evolved nest on prosociality generally. We reviewed empirical studies from human and animal research, meta-analyses and theoretical articles. The review suggests that evolved nest components influence oxytocinergic functioning in parents and children and help form the foundations for prosociality. Future research and policy should consider the importance of the first years of life in programming the neuroendocrine system that undergirds wellbeing and prosociality. Complex, interaction effects among evolved nest components as well as among physiological and sociomoral processes need to be studied. The most sensible framework for examining what builds and enhances prosociality may be the millions-year-old evolved nest.

How Do We Create Nestedness In An UnNested Culture? A Mother Asks Evolved Nest Book Authors
The interview is by Meghan Armstrong-Abrami, Ph.D., a mother of a six-year-old son and a two and a half year-old daughter, who shares her experience – and questions – about creating nestedness in an untested world. Meghan is a a specialist in child language acquisition and the Graduate Program Director and Associate Professor of Hispanic Linguistics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Childhood Psychology, Indigenous Wisdom, & Re-imagining Humanity
Listen to Darcia's Interview with Ethan Schiff, True Health Podcast.

The True Health Podcast helps you break free from diet culture, and live your best life.

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Healing Trauma & PTSD Super Summit streamed LIVE
Darcia is presenting at this event:

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- How an Unhealed Betrayal Impacts Your Health, Work and Relationships
- Overcoming Trauma Grief
- How To Release Trauma and Access The Expanded Self
- Integrative Medicine and Nutrition for Complex Trauma
- High Sensitivity and Trauma - An Inextricable Link
- Addiction: A Normal Response To Trauma
- and many more...

The Maternal Gift Economy Salon: Celebrating the Evolved Nest Book Release
Darcia Narvaez and Gay Bradshaw share insights from their new book, The Evolve Nest: Nature's Way of Raising Children and Creates Connected Community.

Building Connected Communities
Darcia will be one of the presenters at this event.

Building Connected Communities 
An action forum for leaders working to address social isolation, loneliness, and connection. 

When: October 12-14, 2023.

Where: Harvard University’s campus and in the surrounding Boston community.

2023 Tristate Trauma Network 9th Annual                Fall Conference: Developing Resilience -                    Infused Environments
Darcia will be one of the presenters at this event.

The Tristate Trauma Network is excited to be hosting its 9th annual Trauma-Informed Care Fall Conference. This year, the conference will be held at Champion Mill Conference Center located in Hamilton, OH, on October 9, 2023. Please join up to learn from experts in their respective fields and survivors with lived experience, who will be sharing their knowledge and experience that will improve our best practices. 

Planet Local Summit
Join the summit, Sept 29 to Oct 1, 2023 in Bristol, England. You can register for live stream or in person attendance.

Darcia will be a speaker at the summit. Local Futures along with luminaries such as Iain McGilchrist, Charles Eisenstein, and Jeremy Lent. at the Planet Local Summit - an international non-profit organisation and a pioneer of the new economy movement. We have been raising awareness for four decades about the need to shift direction - away from dependence on global monopolies, and towards decentralised, regional economies.

The Evolved Nest: Nature's Way of Raising Children and Creating Connected Communities
Released August 8, 2023.

A beautiful resource for nature advocates, parents-to-be, animal lovers, and anyone who seeks to restore wellbeing on our planet, The Evolved Nest reconnects us to lessons from the animal world and shows us how to restore wellness in our families, communities, and lives.
Each of 10 chapters explores a different animal’s parenting model, sharing species-specific adaptations that allow each to thrive in their “evolved nests.” You’ll learn:

  • How Gorillas Build an internal moral compass
  • How Elephants foster a spirit of play in their children
  • How Octopuses work through early life stressors and traumas
  • How, when, and whether (or not) Brown Bears decide to have children
  • What their lessons can teach you--whether you’re a parent, grandparent, caregiver, or childfree

Psychologists Drs. Darcia Narvaez and Gay Bradshaw show us how each evolved nest offers inspiration for reexamining our own systems of nurturing, understanding, and caring for our young and each other. Alongside beautiful illustrations, stunning scientific facts, and lessons in evolutionary biology, we learn to care deeper: to restore our innate place within the natural world and fight for an ecology of life that supports our flourishing in balance with nature alongside our human and non-human family.

Educational TOOLS
The Evolved Nest Self-Directed Curriculum
We've been creating and compiling Evolved Nest educational resources for you for six years! And now you can find them in an interactive PDF, organized by the nine components of our evolved nest.

The 58-page PDF includes links to the many self-nesting tools, baby care campaigns, Evolved Nest Explained videos, and hundreds of posts, research articles, and podcasts with Darcia.

We're grateful for the team of reviewers that carefully and conscientiously gave us feedback about this material and its final form before sharing it with you.

We will be updating this curriculum PDF with more resources, but you can find it here now on the front page of the Evolved Nest website.

Nesting TOOLS
WE'RE STILL PLAYING! Join Us Through the End of the Month... 28 Days of Solo Play
How to Learn Spontaneous Play as an Adult

The 28 days of solo play are intended to help break the ice about playing as an adult. Each day you can take little actions that loosen you up. There is no right or wrong way to move. Just enjoy your body moving through space!

Learn more about this Nesting Tool, discover a graphic for each day to share, and join us on social media on September 1 for 28 Days of Solo Play party!

Evolved Nest POSTS
Gabor Maté On The Evolved Nest:
His Foreword To The New Book
Read the Foreword by Gabor Maté, MD, to the new book, The Evolved Nest by Darcia Narvaez, PhD, and G. A. Bradshaw, PhD. Dr. Maté is the author of the bestseller, The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness & Healing In A Toxic Culture, and is featured in the film series The Wisdom of Trauma.

By Gabor Maté, MD

This gem of a book, modest in length but vast in eruditon and insight and rich in mind-boggling scientific observation, will leave the reader both humbled and grateful. Subverting our egoic self-satisfaction, it illuminates how humanity has forgotten its own nature, even as it has abandoned and turned against the Nature that formed and sustained us over millions of years. In doing so, our authors, psychologists Darcia Narvaez and G. A. Bradshaw, also point the way to redemption. No fanciful social utopianism here; only a profound understanding of what our core needs are, right from conception, and what we have to learn from the ancestral human and Animal ways of being as they were formed in the crucible of Nature.

The salutary subversiveness of The Evolved Nest is that it shows our commonality, in the deepest emotional sense, with fellow creatures such as Parrots, Elephants, Whales, Wolves, Penguins, and even Octopuses. The capitalizations are the authors’ device for reminding us of the essential personhood and psychological complexity of these other beings whom we assume to be so different from our own genus, Homo.

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