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President's Update
President's Update -  Building Membership Capacity and Agency Within CDS - Leadership Flexibility Within an Evolving Field
By Bryan Hains
It is very heartening to be part of an energetic and vibrant society - soon to be celebrating its 50th anniversary. Our society is filled with amazing individuals who are passionate about their profession and its future. This passion is what attracted me to the society when I first joined. The Community Development Society's resiliency, especially in an ever-changing culture, is credited to the visionary efforts of its prior leadership and engaged membership. It is in honor of these leaders and membership efforts that we evaluate the current and future needs of our professional colleagues.Recently, our officers and board of directors critically examined the CDS leadership structure in concert with the current and future needs of its membership. This was an insightful process, as our society strives to engage multigenerational members from diverse disciplinary and cultural backgrounds. It raised the recurrent question, "How does CDS best serve its current and future membership?"...  
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Award Nominations Due February 14 - in a New EASIER Process!
By Carrie Stanton
This is your opportunity to nominate peers, colleagues, students, and mentors to be recognized for their contributions to the community development field. Awards will be presented at the 2018 CDS Annual Conference in Detroit, MI on July 22-25.The CDS Awards recognize new and experienced community development practitioners, researchers, students, and supporters as we celebrate the outstanding and innovative leaders in our field. Awards include honors for research, programming, achievement, service to the profession, and community development education.The new process makes it easier for you to nominate someone with the key background information...
Community Development Educators: Addressing 'Wicked' Issues and Systems Thinking
By Caitlin Bletscher
I am so excited that we will be meeting in my hometown of Detroit for #CommDev18! Detroit has been nothing short of a hotbed of innovation in community development and revitalization. Holding our annual international conference there will ebable us to learn and explore community development alongside our local counterparts -- engaging with urban agriculture, equity activists, and planners to see how people and neighborhoods in Detroit continue their renaissance...It is not a novel concept that today's community development practitioners must address some of the most complex, 'wicked' problems facing our world. Due to today's globalization, challenges within our communities are becoming increasingly complex and interconnected. Such 'wicked' challenges are not evil in nature, but have been coined to represent their complexity and uniqueness, without clear definition of their problem, solution, or final resolution (Rittel & Webber, 1973).In order to best prepare tomorrow's researchers, practitioners, and educators for such problems, our education and development must address the concept of wicked issues through a systemic lens...
Agitator, Innovator, or Orchestrator of Change?
By Dan Kahl, Kris Hains, & Aaron Goodman
The Community Development Society (CDS) Fellows met in November to discuss the idea of innovation in community change projects. Reflecting on the article, "Should You Agitate, Innovate, or Orchestrate?" by Battilana and Kimsey[1], the fellows discussed the roles each of us play in initiating change and when different roles may be more effective. Often community development organizations find it necessary to shift between the different roles, depending the on the circumstances and what is needed to accomplish the desired community change. "In reality, the boundaries between these roles may blur, with some individuals and organizations playing multiple roles either at once or sequentially. Far from being linear, the social change process may require that change makers switch back and forth among the three roles"[2]. Recognizing that each of us are simultaneously involved in multiple community groups, the fellows identified a community they currently work with...    
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