Highlights of Evonik in the Oil & Gas industry
Evonik in collaboration with CEGÁS completed the installation of polyamide/plastic gas pipeline, the largest project ever of this kind for Brazil. This 24km long VESTAMID® NRG 2101 gas pipeline transfers green energy (biogas) from city waste. According to the installation company, polyamide 12 (PA12) is similar to PE installation but 1.8 faster than steel pipes.

Evonik PERACLEAN® peracetic acid can be used as an oilfield biocide for removing reduced sulphide and acid producing species in produced water clean-up and frac water pre-treatment. PERACLEAN® does not form any chlorinated byproducts (DBPs) and if discharged into an effluent stream, this eco-friendly product rapidly decomposes into water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.

AEROSIL® dispersions have been designed to amplify the extraction of hydrocarbon from submicron pores & cracks. An AEROSIL® dispersion offers distinct advantages because it is made up of nano-structured submicron particles with an open porosity – this characteristic is important because it leads to less formation damage, in contrast to other colloidal materials used in chemical flooding.

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