Highlights of Evonik in the Oil & Gas industry
The EOGIT (Evonik Oil and Gas Industry Team) welcomes Dr. John Wey as Vice President, Head of EOGIT & Business Development. He brings 23 years of methacrylate monomer experience to the team, which combines experts from 11 chemistries within Evonik to generate solutions for oil and gas problems. How can we help you?

Evonik SEPURAN® Green membranes have been operated successfully for over five years in biogas upgrading installations. Evonik’s new SEPURAN® NG membranes are currently deployed in field tests for CO2 removal from traditional natural gas streams.

If you’re in the Houston area for conferences, business meetings, or pleasure, we would love to meet with you! Our office is in the Woodlands, just minutes away from the SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Conference. Contact us at oilandgas@evonik.com

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