Created to Create
Lydia Mulkey
September 6, 2022

God created humanity in God’s own image,
       in the divine image God created them,
           male and female God created them.
~Genesis 1:27

This Sunday we will gather for a good old fashioned gathering day, complete with root beer floats! I hope you’re as excited as I am. Our these for this year is Created to Create. We will remember that we are made in the image of God, the creator. Like our creator, we are hard-wired to make new connections, bring order and beauty to chaos, and to evolve.

Gathering day is always a moment of creation. It is a fresh start and an opportunity to create the year we would like to have. What will we create together this year? I pray that we will create relationships built on love and mutuality. I pray we will create music and art in our worship that inspires us to follow the way of Jesus more faithfully. I pray we will create a culture of learning and challenge for all ages, so that all may grow here. I pray we create a community that is ready to welcome and include the poor and oppressed. I pray we create an inter-generational community where children and elders learn from each other about what it means to follow in the way of Jesus.

I am delighted to be creating with you all again this year.

On Sunday, the check-in table for church school will open at 9:15. Worship will be at 11:00. After worship, we will celebrate with root beer floats and join in creating some art together! See you there.