Time Accordion
February 2, 2021
Alicia Reese

The time accordion is at it again.  
How long has it been?  
What day is it? What time? I don’t know when… 
My mind races, but the thoughts make no sense. 
Up, down, in, out, sit, stand, eat, sleep, repeat. 
When did I shower last?  
I can’t seem to remember or muster the energy.  
Through the motions I go… 
The accordion plays, I struggle to keep the beat. 
How I worry, how I wonder, how I wish… 
On the accordion plays, forward time moves. 
I don’t want to get left behind. 
I don’t want to forget. 
I don’t want to miss it. 
I want to know what comes next.  
I want to know what you have in store.  
Play on accordion, play on.  
Fostering Connection and Support Tomorrow
Are you looking for a safe space to process the events of the past week? Fostering Connection and Support is a time and space to talk about what is going on in your life - what has been difficult and what has been good - and to find support in our First United Community.

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