Why So Serious?
Lydia Mulkey
January 18, 2022

As Christians, we have a reputation for taking ourselves too seriously. It’s gotten us into trouble and made us the butt of a few jokes. We focus on suffering Jesus and believe our faith calls us to engage in flagellation whether physical or spiritual. I have the sense in my study of the Bible, that that book is actually full of knee slappers. We just don’t understand them.

Jesus compares rich people to camels. He answers questions with parables that make the asker look ridiculous for asking. He tells people they have logs in their eyes. And if someone asks for your coat, Jesus says go ahead and give him your underwear too!

So why do we take ourselves so seriously, insisting that if it is in anyway fun, enjoyable, or playful, it must not be holy? If Jesus was playful and a jokester, we can laugh and have a little fun along this journey we call faith.
God, when I am taking myself too seriously, remind me of the holiness of joy and play. Keep me humble and keep me laughing. Amen.