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That's it. Keeping expectations low.
Hi. How's it going?

Like all ambitious Cre8tives, I had planned to send this email way back in November... yadda yadda yadda .... today's snowstorm has me saying, "it's now or never".

As always, I promise to keep this brief & fun. I look forward to your replies & comments.
CRE8TIVELY SPEAKING... 2021 was the year of doing whatever the fuck we felt like doing. Like swearing in emails.
All of those "why didn't we do it like this before?" improvements of 2020 continued to evolve to keep up with our ever-never changing lives. The veils on social media, politics & advertising were lifted, budgets were slashed, strategies completely "pivoted", and businesses operated on their own terms to survive/thrive in the new world that was 2021.

For me, 2021 was an opportunity to explore, experiment, and deeply enjoy my work.

Even with all the insanity and chaos around me, I'm Living the Cre8tive Life designing new ideas in the real-life trenches of business with dedicated hardworking people who trust me to do my thing and embrace the flow of cre8tivity.

I'm in my own lane, feeling hella love from the whole team.

a brief sampling of projects that fueled me
Anything but basic.
The Rainiacs love Halloween and this year we made sure to lift spirits!
So dope.
For the first time ever in my cre8tive career, it was finally mainstream acceptable to make weed references in marketing. For the record, 'your own supply' in this promo refers to your breath. You'd be surprised how powerfully trippy breathing can be.
Sweet Surprises!
Supply chain issues weren't gonna stop The Branford Community Foundation from thanking their generous 2021 donors. The cookie tins were a plan B that came out even better than plan A.
Party Time. Excellent.
LDD Interiors is celebrating 10 years in 2022... NO SPOILERS! Let's just say they are going ALL OUT and there's going to be a lot of confetti.
I heART cre8ting for retail therapy
Sixteen Candles
The iconic Ella got a little work done for her birthday.
West Coast Swag
The Bay Area Beauty Engineer moved into merch including a line of Pride gear.
Lobster love about Rock Paper Sistas' custom details that remind us it's just another day at the beach.
3 Collabor8tors you should get to know
Thoughtful, well-produced videos

Michael Dominguez
Wicked Nice Guy

True Story: Mike cold-called me on a Friday afternoon in the chaos that was April of 2020. Brave Soul right? He was kind, calm, and articulated his video services & offerings flawlessly - even with Boynado in the background causing a huge ruckus.

Obviously, Mike was a gift from the Universe.

You want to collaborate with Mike because he's knowledgeable, self-motivated, and most of all, a joy to cre8te with. He's not the cookie cutter studio that pumps out generic commercial garbage. He listens to the client an embraces their vision. Mike is also excellent at explaining nerdy tech stuff in understandable ways, and he's got lots of cool toys like drones, headsets and microphones. I've had the gr8 privilege of collaborating with Mike on a project for LDD Interiors that launches soon - excited for you all to see it.
New photos with the ball lighting

Yolanda Christine
Brand Photography Artist

Yolanda is a long time friend who is just minutes away from being famous - so - if you want the best photos of your life, don't hesitate, book her immediately.

Yolanda offers a unique luxury brand photography experience that includes IT ALL :: head to toe professional styling with multiple outfit selections, a professional hair & makeup team, pose coaching & shoot assistants so every shot is flawless. Perhaps the best part of the experience is that it all happens on-location of choice in just a few hours.

Yolanda & I have collabor8ted on a number of projects over the years. What I love most about working with Yolanda is that the entire process is effortless for the client. And the results! The client loves their photos (plasters them all over social media) and I have dozens of professionally polished photos to work with for branding, design and marketing needs. 
Covid-Compliant Shindigs
+ Booze that comes to you

Paula Konareski
The OG Creator of the #8 Sandwich

Perhaps my most mouth-watering project of 2021 was a new website for CafeGeorgebyPaula. Paula was a referral from the other Paula in my life that was an instant like-minded cre8tive connection. If you're a CT Native, there's a gr8 chance you've enjoyed Paula's food at a New Haven special event, or in her Café, or you may remember Paula from her old Orange Street Deli days.

Paula continues to reinvent how we eat with clever preparation that offers a compliant presentation for fresh, portable, crazy delicious food. She also happens to be an exceptionally generous individual who feeds many needy hungry families. *including mine: the best eggplant parm I've ever had and I don't even like eggplant.

You've gotta check out: The NOSH BOXES & Paula's latest project: The Social ~ Mobile Bar. An adorable {completely tricked out} mobile bar that comes to your home or business for intimate outdoor soirees that will exceed your alcohol + culinary expectations. Think Mojitos & Cubanos, Margaritas & Nachos, Octoberfest, Whiskey & Cigars, Espresso Martinis & Desserts... there is no limit to what Paula can cre8te for you.
Consider yourself warned
What's in it for you in 22?
{sb} Cre8tor Inspiration Kit
When I'm not cre8ting for work, I'm cre8ting for inspiration & healthy positive change.

My Cre8tor Inspiration Kit is loaded w/ tips & tools to help keep you inspired, even when life & #2020too gets in the way.

*Your information is sacred and I will never {like ever} share it with anyone.
Coming up next month:
Cre8tive Affirmations for the modern work day.
What can I cre8te for you?
Shannon Beth Engravalle
{sb}Cre8tive Branding & Design

Psst! I needed a new headshot for my profiles. Steady Photography hooked me up in 10 mins.