Dear Partners,

It was wonderful to see so many of you during our recent Partner Connection!

We appreciated your participation and hearing from you firsthand about the impact of the pandemic, the ways you adjusted, and your plans for moving forward.

As we ease into the month, I reflect on the word sacrifice and the sacrifices we’ve made to emerge stronger, together.
This coming Veterans Day we celebrate and honor the many service members who exemplified courage, heart, fortitude and sacrifice.

We observe Native American Heritage Month by recognizing the contributions, different cultures, languages, and traditions of Native Americans throughout the state and across the nation, as well as the many sacrifices endured by tribes and reservations.

Thanksgiving reminds us to cherish our family and friends; our neighbors and communities and the diversity that makes our county stand apart.

Our county is special. As a destination, we take great pride in welcoming everyone to our experiences, away from home.

When we roll out the red carpet with great service, kindness, and appreciation, visitors will not only remember how good we made them feel; they will also return. 

Your tourism and hospitality champion,

Leslie W. Graves