Prince Georgians, spring is here and we are blossoming throughout the county.

If you haven’t taken the time to look around, take a break, get some fresh air and get ready to push forward.

Prince Georgians, we have a lot to offer. I’ve often heard people say throughout life that we can’t always see what’s in front of us. Our day-to-day lives become cluttered with tasks and responsibilities that keep us too busy to notice the great possibilities within our own reach.

Today, I am here to remind you of our assets and our ability to work together to be one of the best destinations within the state of Maryland.

No other county has the range of activities and experiences at their fingertips the way we can package ours to tell our story and fulfill so many interests and tastes. The unique personality of each community and neighborhood makes our location desirable for those seeking a mix of urban, suburban, rural and cosmopolitan touches.

We are in the season of birth! This means we must nurture what we have while we continue to create for the future. We must collaborate, share ideas, take chances, and support one another in the months to come as we see travel reignited, visitors seeking fun getaways, and meetings and conventions planners searching for new places and spaces to book.

If you have not taken the time, take a moment to see how you can blossom, become a member with us, and let’s take our county to new heights!

Your tourism and hospitality champion,

Leslie W. Graves