Can you believe that we’re already in August?

We hope your summer is moving along at a pace that you can enjoy. Whether you’re stopping for ice cream, attending an outdoor concert, playing your favorite sport, or simply relaxing at your leisure, we hope you’re building great memories.

Communities throughout the County are coming alive again and it’s been wonderful to see. Local artists and authors have been using their creative skills to make people feel reinvigorated about visiting the places they’ve missed. Beloved chefs have been pleasing long-awaited palates and families have been able to return to some of their favorite activities. Athletes are taking to the turfs and hotels are booking guests.

In July, the County saw a boost to the meetings and conference sector by welcoming the National Association of Counties (NACo) to hold their annual conference at National Harbor. Over a thousand people attended, thus making it the first large event to be held since the start of the pandemic.

As we continue to push forward, we are also mindful of the COVID-19 variants. Stay tuned-in and informed, get vaccinated, and keep wearing your mask when advised.

Let’s stay safe, diligent, and determined together.

Your tourism and hospitality champion,

Leslie W. Graves