I’m not one to brag, but lately, I can’t stop bragging about our county. I’ve been speaking to many people near and far who are eager to travel and looking forward to taking summer trips. They’re ready to step out past their doorstep; and whether their plans involve reaching destinations by car, bus, train, or plane, they’re ultimately seeking new things to do.

This is great to hear and the interest gets me buzzing and boasting about the wonderful experiences to be had in Prince George’s County, especially the many benefits of social distancing here while we all find our footing in a “new normal”.
I remind everyone that we’re one of Maryland’s largest counties with vast outdoors, parks and trails, and scenic spaces that make great backdrops for connecting with nature, or escaping for some peace and quiet.

I talk about our National Harbor and all the fun, food and finds that can be found along our waterfront district, our many rural spaces and golf ranges that are picturesque and low key.
They hear me boast about our culture, history and museums, our food, wines and brews.

I also brag about our hospitality, the attention to detail in our accommodations, and the resiliency of our small business sector.

We have many assets to share with friends, family and visitors. As summer nears, I hope you’re also ready to give them something to brag about! 

Your tourism and hospitality champion,

Leslie W. Graves
President & CEO