MAY 9, 2017

I think a good exercise for everyone who's seeking to know themselves is to question their beliefs. Both Arjuna Ardagh and Byron Katie employ a method of "inquiry." The bottom line is that our beliefs are just mental constructs that can come and go as we will them to. Most of us, however, believe that our beliefs are real and solid. Some of us get stuck in defending beliefs against someone who has the opposite belief system, creating dissension. To loosen the hold that concretized beliefs have on us is to ask: "Is this true?" and "Is this true in all cases?" You'll soon find out: No. Not so. Much of the drama in the world today is sourced from beliefs that create wars, violence and the need to be right. Wouldn't we all rather be happy than to fight for what is not real?

Featured Events
Richard Bartlett
May 13-15: Master Energy Dynamics (M.E.D.) + Master Harmonic Resonance (MHRT) Seminar 
Explore interacting with Energetic Physiology. Complete 3 day seminar. No prerequisite. Dr. Richard Bartlett, Instructor. Unfold new skillsets, deepen your understanding and ability to interact with the holographic templates of the body's structures and functions. Learn how to engage with precise energetic patterns and to then deliver specific corrections to the holographic body systems. More Info:, 1-800-368-0973,
Venue: Best Western Bloomington Hotel Mall of America. Event Detail:

May 19-21: Women's Spirituality Retreat
Join Dr. Brenda Schaeffer, author of "Is It Love or Is It Addiction?" for this workshop, held at a private lake retreat near Spooner, WI.  Self-heal body, mind and spirit via ritual, story-telling, guided imagery, massage, gourmet meals, interaction with nature and relaxation.  Open to women who want to renew the spirit within which may have been lost by trauma, addiction, betrayal or self-neglect.  Register by 4/21 for 10% discount.  Email i with questions.
June 19-July 24: Meditation and Energy Skills for Life & Relationships
Whose energy is driving your decisions, actions and emotions? Uncover your own best self with an innovative meditation system. Explore ways to skillfully interact with your energy and the energy of others, generating kindness, openness and generosity. 6 Mondays 6:30 - 8:30 pm. $69. St Paul.  For information on classes and groups please contact me at

earthway farm
June 10: Spiritual Awakening & Psychic Festival
10 am-5 pm. There will be 25 + product vendors, readers, healers! Door prizes throughout the day! Free Talks offered throughout the day. $5. Earthway Farm - 15832 County Rd. 7, South Haven, MN. For more info (320)236-7852 or,
edge life expos events

July 29: Maple Grove Holistic & Psychic Expo
10 am - 7 pm. Maple Grove Community Center, 12951 Weaver Lake Road, Maple Grove, MN. Visit with 30 exhibitors offering aura photos, intuitive readings, wellness products, energy healing, stones/crystals, jewelry & more! To exhibit:


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