March 2019 World of Wolves
Preserving genes and ensuring health
In the last week in February, a remarkable team of reproductive specialists, veterinarians, biologists, local volunteers and Wolf Haven staff gathered at our McCleery Ranch in Bridger, Montana. They arrived from across the country - many using personal vacation time - to assist in the catch-up, physical examination, genetic sampling and semen collection of some of the sanctuary male wolves, whose lineage has been maintained for nearly 100 years. As a highly inbred family, the generational inbreeding has had some deleterious effects on the animals. Recognizing the potential significance of this population, rather than letting them go "extinct", Wolf Haven is working with reproductive specialists to cryopreserve semen from as many males as possible so these genes will be maintained in perpetuity. 

Twenty people were involved in this effort to catch-up, vaccinate, de-worm, remove old ear tags,administer flea medication and draw blood for genetic samples. Working in bone-chilling -6 degree temperatures and using sleeping bags on the floor at night, the group was able to catch up eight wolves and collect semen from seven of them. It was an incredible display of teamwork and professionalism and we are grateful to everyone involved in this project.

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Upcoming events
Wolf pup from copper sculpture at Wolf Haven, Tenino, WA - by Colleen Cotey
Wolf Haven news
Wolf Haven's Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, April 28, 1:30 p.m. at The Meeting House at Priest Point, in Olympia, WA. It is open to the public and all are invited to attend.
This is an opportunity to learn more about the work being done at both our Tenino, WA and Bridger, MT wolf sanctuaries.