Solving Cicada 3301 2018 The Most Mysterious Puzzle of The Internet Age
Solving Cicada 3301 2018 The Most Mysterious Puzzle of The Internet Age

When we last left our story, deFango, a Cicada 3301 player, had just received a mysterious letter in the mail. Click the headline link below to listen to him explain the mysterious letter of what appears to be recipes from the seventeenth century. 


Read the translation of the letter below. If you happen to read the language of this letter and have translation suggestions, please send them to us. 

  1. To prepare a pig head (Just cut off from the animal...)
  2. We need to burn the hair with a red iron, then burn it using straw or some wood shaving, then thoroughly clean it (the head), then we'll soak it in cold water, that water needs to be changed a few times, then after 24 hours, get the head out of the water and let it drain for 24 hours, then put a little of salt and pepper and a little bit of "Salpetre" (it is Potassium Nitrate  (NaCi + Na NO2)) and juniper berry we'll leave it for 6 days in the salt we'll make sure that nothing gets infected by turning the head from time to time and by spraying it with salt where needed, before putting it in water we need to remove the brain,
  3. We'll remove the head from the salt after 6 days to cook it, adding aromatic herbs from the garden, when half cooked we'll add a jar of good vinegar, when it is cooked we'll leave it cool down in its broth until the next day, we need to wrap it in a cloth to cook it.
  5. How to pickle green plums (Variety is Mirabelle)
  6. We need to pick them 15 days before they are eatable, clean them and stab them with a small needle, put them in cold water on the fire (in a saucepan), when they have boiled that they are boiling, we take 1 pound of plums 3 cartons of white sugar (I find a bit strange they had that in the medieval age) we put them in porcelain dish for 3 days, we reheat the juice and we put them in a jar.
  8. Omelet or "carpes" (could be some kind of flowers they are talking about later) with eggs
  9. Take 12 eggs, mix them together, then you take half a glass of water and half a spoon of flowers that you put together before throwing the whole thing into the eggs with a pinch of salt, when your omelet is cooked you'll fold it in 2 or 3.
  11. For the sauce
  12. We take some butter some vinegar and some water according on how you want it sour, nutmeg, salt, pepper, shallots, and when it comes to the boil, we'll add 2 or 3 egg yolks then stir while simmering
  14. "Fricadelles" of Kidneys (Interresting... fricadelle is a recipe name form Nothern France, but I could not link anything to the Medieval age)
  15. Take the veal kidneys and as much of the veal blade , if it has a lot of fat, you chop the whole thing very fine, then you put the shallots, parsley, pepper, salt, nutmeg, bread crumbs, 3 or 4 eggs put everything together then you make some flat paties (fricadelles) fry them in a pan with some brown butter
  17. Potatoes "Fricadelles"
  18. You will boil the potatoes without peeling them, the you'll peel them then you put them through a strainer, you'll put chopped parsley, oregano?, thyme, a little branch of ham herb, salt, pepper, a bit of onion, 3 or 4 shallots the whole thing very fine chopped, you'll beat 2 or 3 eggs that you'll throw in the mix and you'll mix everything well, you'll add some bread (the soft white inside of the bread = mie) until your patty is thick enough to make the "fricadelles", you'll fry them as above.
20. For the sauce

21.  You take butter and vinegar according to how you want it a little sour you put some chopped shallots, salt, pepper, nutmeg and a little bit of flour to thicken it.


23. Oublie pastry dough (this one is very interesting, the name seems to come from the medieval age only, in France anyway)
24. Take 8 spoons of milk, 4 spoons of flour, a bit of cinnamon, rose water or grated lemon a bit of sugar that you mix together, then take 3 eggs in which 1 of them you remove the white, beat them one by one, then throw them in your dish?, then mix everything together, if you don't have milk use water, if you don't have flour use bread mie (the inside, not the crust), from this dough you can do apple beignets and pastries anyway

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Back to the research mines where Michael McKibben continues to "unearth" the provenance of the Holy Lance of Antioch. His next email of August 13, 2018 reads: 

The Centurion and His Lance
The Centurion and His Lance

A note from Kevin who is playing the Glass Bead Game:

I've been looking at Cicada, AIM, Americans for Innovation, & some other areas for about a year now. I have not learned the computer skills and the ciphers to work out the Cicada puzzles per say, but I am pretty observant & notice little details.

I trust my intuition, and do my best to follow the path it puts me on. Too many coincidences lately for me to not pay close attention. Much is becoming more clear & validating , so to speak, what I have been "told".

I've been reading the story in the Our Spirit emails, and listening to the audios on youtube. The latest being on the Gospel of Sophia channel. 

Pretty cool how Douglas' Indiana Jones story somewhat coming to life in our current reality.

What an amazing journey you are on.

Not long after the first  Star Wars movie came out, I was working in the Waldorf bookstore.

My boss and mentor, Werner Glas, stuck his head in the doorway and said, "Douglas, a friend of Marcia Lucas is on the phone and she has too many questions for me to handle.  Would you please speak with her and answer all of her questions?"

Then, he smiled radiantly at me, and headed back down the hall.
I began to feel a sense of excitement. I had met Marcia Lucas when she had visited the Institute to discuss ideas for her husband's movie,
Star Wars.

At the time, I didn't realize her accomplishments as an editor, nor did I know the impact that the space opera would have on audiences around the world. The very fact that I had contributed some of the ideas to the
Star Wars storyline and characters was a thrilling realization, especially when I had heard that people were standing in long lines just to see this incredible new movie that had opened in theaters. I was looking forward to speaking to any friend of Marcia's and helping out in any way I could.

I picked up the phone and began a conversation that lasted a long time. Kathleen, as she identified herself, was a direct and highly inquisitive person. Her questioning was unrelenting and she didn't take partial answers. In fact, she wanted to know these answers as if her life depended on them. I naturally assumed, because of her insatiable questioning about anthroposophical principles, that she was interested in attending the Waldorf Institute as a student and take one of the programs for teacher training. So, I answered her as if her life really did depend on it.

If the medieval recipe above didn't whet your appetite, you might try our special St. Germain-inspired oatmeal recipe - no pig heads needed. 

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