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December, 2018
Wisconsin Forward Award to pilot streamlined process  

We anticipate the pilot to save examiner time upfront by reducing comment writing, and offering mechanisms for examiner team members to communicate and share information more easily. Examiner teams should be able to complete the review steps in less time, which means applicants receive their feedback reports faster.

Call for Examiners: Winter  2019| Activate Awesome

The Wisconsin Forward Award intent to apply deadline has passed, and we have a bumper crop of applicants for our 2019 Winter cycle.  If you have been considering applying for the Board of Examiners, or have sat out a few rounds, now is the time to activate your awesomeness.   

Our review pilot will reduce time and comment writing, while allowing examiners to thoughtfully consider feedback to each other and the applicant. 

Our convenient 
online application form  takes a minutes to complete. We ask that you submit the application on or before December 15, 2018. 

Have you heard about the amazing 2018 national Baldrige winners, and are wondering what the "Baldrige Buzz" is all about?  Has it been a few years since your last application, and your organization needs of a refresh? Do you want to delight your customers, engage your workforce and optimize performance? Are you a new examiner seeking to better understand the Baldrige Framework? Our one-day workshop is just the ticket.

Throughout 2019, we will be holding four sessions of our popular, interactive, affordable workshop: The Principles of Performance Excellence: Baldrige 101,around Wisconsin.  The first 2019 workshop is set for January 16 in Madison. The tentative schedule is as follows: April 11, 2019 in Fond du Lac; July 18 in River Falls; and October 17 in Stevens Point. 

Get notified of the dates and locations of upcoming workshops.
Coming in February: 2019-20 Baldrige Criteria Deep Dive

2019 brings a new edition of the Baldrige Framework and the Criteria for Performance Excellence. This February, former national Baldrige judge and performance excellence expert Steve Hoisington will facilitate a two-day "deep dive" into the new Criteria.    Sign up here to be notified when dates and the location are finalized.

The Vital Few™ - A Systematic Approach to Identify Work Priorities

Juggling too many plates this holiday season? We've got a webinar you won't want to miss!   

Many organizations struggle to define work priorities, often undertaking improvement efforts that don't deliver the desired impact. The Vital Few™ is a systematic approach that focuses on determining the most vital improvements towards creating customer value and delivering meaningful impact in any situation.
This webinar will demonstrate how The Vital Few™ led a major provider of healthcare services to identify improvement investments that were vastly different from those originally proposed. In fact, during the webinar you will see how the solution envisioned before using The Vital Few™ could have had a negative impact on the organization - both financially and to customer experience.  Read more about the Vital Few system and our upcoming workshops in March.

Our Tuesday webinar series is always free, and  preregistration is requested.   WCPE is hosting this webinar with our friends at the California Council for Excellence.

On deck for January 8 is Urvi Patel, Director of Quality Improvement at  the American Health Care Association.  ACHA's award program is aligned with the Baldrige Framework. 

The Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence, in partnership with our friends at MiPRO, features a complimentary webinar on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 11 - noon central. Webinars will feature performance excellence experts and practitioners from various sectors who will share insights to help you and your organization get better, faster.  Webinars are archived here.
Invest in the mission of the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence.  To learn more, click  here.    WCPE is a 501c3 non profit organization. Your membership support expands our mission.
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