January 12, 2020
Upcoming Events
in Excelsior Springs
Best Week Ever
Word on the Street
This week's Word on the Street is that
soon Excelsior Springs will have a
wine bar in the downtown!

Casa Di Vite has bought the old stone
funeral home downtown and are
renovating the inside now for the wine bar!
Survey Results
Results from the Survey that was taken in the Excelsior Springs Area News, Events, and Daily Deals Facebook Group:

How much snow do you think
our area will get?

1"-3" - 66%
3"-5" - 22%
5"-7" - 12%

115 Responses
Coming Soon
Ventana Gourmet Grill is putting in a
speakeasy lounge, where you and your
party can enjoy each other's company out of the way of the regular hustle and bustle of the restaurant!
Featured Excelsior Family
January's Family Feature is the Nave Family! All 7 of them!

Featured Blog Post
I asked the Excelsior Springs
community to share their childhood
memories of playing in the snow.

Excelsior Springs History
Check out this featured video about Excelsior Springs that was done in 2017 with Missouri Life TV. This video features the Hall of Waters and Superior Well.

Excelsior's Sunrises/Sunsets
This week we were really fortunate here in Excelsior Springs to get to see
so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets!

New Mugg's Diner Opens with Rave Reviews
Excelsior had a new restaurant open this week. Mugg's Diner was originally going to be open only for breakfast and lunch. Due to citizen requests, they'll now be serving dinner, too!

Weekly there are a series of random questions from members of the community.
Below are some received this week and the answers.

What are the best cable and Internet services for folks in the Excelsior area?
There were a total of 87 comments given to the question. For full post, click here .

Here's how many times each company was recommended:
Mediacom - 6
AT&T - 5
Dish TV - 2

Other companies mentioned: Unlimitedville.com and Turbonet

Also, citizen Steve Coursen shared that if you receive SNAP benefits, you can get AT&T DSL Internet for just $10 a month and it is super easy to apply. Click here for more information.

In search of a furniture upholstery repair in the area.
This question has been left unanswered for over a week. If you know of one, please let me know !

I was curious if there was a pet shop in town. I'm looking for crickets for my pet geckos.
Multiple citizens reported that PetCo or PetSmart carry them. It was also mentioned that Orschelen's used to sell them. Ziggy's General Store was questioned but came back and said that they don't carry crickets but they do have red wigglers, Canadian nightcrawlers, and golden shiners for live bait.

Multiple people this week have been asking about babysitters and in home daycares.
Recommended were Sharon Teegarden and Brandy Spencer, who currently don't have any openings, Mindy Stewart, Kalin Dennis, Valerie Crawford Gray, Aliesha Gipson, Nicole Roberts,
Jordin Holt, and Brooke Holmes.

What happened to the Montgomery Event Venue fountain and when will it be fixed?
It was shared that the fountain was hit accidentally by a party bus and it will be getting fixed soon!

What is the history on the old, stone funeral home? How long has the Regent Bridge been there?
These are questions for the Excelsior Springs Museum and Archives!

What new businesses are coming to Excelsior?
Dubious Claims Brewery is working on putting in Woodchux, an ax throwing business for entertainment.
There will soon be a wine bar in the old, stone funeral home. Possibly ballroom dancing lessons in the downtown, two high-end furniture stores in the downtown. Muggs Diner has just opened.

Considering Consumer Cellular - needing feedback?
One person reported that they have Consumer Cellular and love it. Another recommended Cricket.

Is Excelsior Springs getting a medical marijuana dispensary?
This has yet to be determined and should be released by the end of the month.
Excelsior was not chosen as a cultivation site.

Is there a pool hall in town?
The Atlas Saloon, Broadway Bar & Grill, and Clay-Ray Vets Club all have pool tables, but aren't necessarily pool halls. The Elks Lodge has pool tables, but you have to be a member to play. It was stated that the closest "pool hall" would be The Brass Rail, off 152 in North KC.

In search of a local Avon lady?
Names mentioned were Sylvia Boston, Marie Mawby, Betty Lockwood, Shelley McLendon, and one person said that they sell Avon products at DICKS Drive Thru, too!.
Check out all the shout outs being given to the community recently!
Have a great week, Excelsior Springs!