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Friday, June 28, 2019

Voting Credentials Registration Form - Updated Process

ATTENTION CONVENTION ATTENDEES: Your Voter Credential Form MUST be submitted BEFORE your arrive in Norfolk.
In accordance with the National Bylaws, it is the responsibility of the club secretary to provide, in writing, to the Chief Executive Officer/Executive Vice President the names of club members who will be serving as delegates to the National Convention.  Beginning this year, an electronic credentials form will be emailed from National Headquarters to the appropriate club representatives. Each form should be filled out completely, indicating the names of all delegates and any alternates, by June 1, 2019 .  The form can also be accessed through https://forms.gle/VTHTVE5WrX4nQSC3A.

At this year's National Convention, delegates will elect a National President-Elect, a National Treasurer and one At-Large NEC Foundation Trustee. If you are in Regions 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, or 11, you will also elect a Regional Vice President. Additionally, delegates in Region 10 will elect a Regional Vice President to fill a one-year unexpired term.
As provided by the bylaws, 2019-2020 officers, who will assume office July 1, 2019, will be eligible to vote at this year's convention. Each Exchange Club in good standing is entitled to voting representatives at the National Convention by the club president, club president-elect, immediate past president, club secretary, and club treasurer, along with three voting delegates for its first 25 members and one voting delegate for each additional 25 members, based on the membership reported as of March 31.
At the time of electing delegates, the club shall also be entitled to elect an alternate for each such delegate from the Active, Active-Honorary, Life, At-large or Business (primary contact only) members in good standing in the club they represent. An alternate may be elected to vote in place of any vot­ing delegate unable to attend.
We are excited to announce the 15th new club of Exchange's 2018-2019 administrative year. Please join us in welcoming the  Exchange Excel Club of Sebastian River High School, Sebastian, FL !
The  Exchange Excel Club of Sebastian River High School, Sebastian, FL , was built by Kathy Burns, Margie Duffell, and William Middleton. The new club was sponsored by the Exchange Club of Sebastian, FL, and chartered with 24 members on June 4.
We are excited to announce the 16th new club of Exchange's 2018-2019 administrative year. Please join us in welcoming the  Exchange Club of Bozeman, MT !
The  Exchange Club of Bozeman, MT , was built by Cindi Farrar, Tony Parish, and Leif Welhaven. The new club was sponsored by the Breakfast Exchange Club of Billings, MT, and chartered with 19 members on June 26.
We are excited to announce the 17th new club of Exchange's 2018-2019 administrative year. Please join us in welcoming the  Exchange Club of Tidewater, VA !

The Exchange Club of Tidewater, VA, was built by Margaret Moore, Robert Moore, and Marie Warren. The new club was sponsored by the Exchange Clubs of Hampton Roads Networking and Suffolk, VA  , and chartered with 15 members on June 27.
101st National Convention

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Prevention of
Child Abuse
Summer Project Ideas for Exchange Clubs

Summer can bring stress and difficulties for many families. It may increase expenses as they search for childcare outside of school, while other children may face many days alone or with little supervision as parents continue to work. Summer breaks may also mean no lunches for many children. 

Exchange Clubs can make a difference and help create more positive summer memories. To help, consider the following:
· Summer lunch programs: many agency and organizations offer summer lunch programs for children; volunteer time or contribute financially to support this essential service.
· Assist in placing playground equipment in your local park.
· Set up scholarships through 4-H programs, Boys or Girls Scouts of America, a local YMCA, or Boys and Girls Clubs. This could provide recreational and educational camps or programming for children who otherwise could not afford these experiences.
· Contact your local Little League Association or recreational facility and volunteer to coach or assist with programs. Many programs could involve more children if they had additional adult support.
· Organize donations of bikes, games, and sports equipment.
· Check with local schools for opportunities to tutor children during summer programming.
· Establish free passes at your local community pool.
· Help prepare children for school in the fall. Use Exchange Cares backpacks to deliver the school supplies.

Exchange Club members have big hearts, a large commitment, and available resources. Thank you for making summer safer, enjoyable, and memorable for children in your community!