Summer isn't Over!

Youth and Senior

Our Bloomington, IN chapter said goodbye to new friends from France and Hungary on July 29th. They had an active calendar which included a trip to Chicago! Check the September newsletter for shared experiences from our delegates.

Our Palmer, MA chapter welcomed delegates from Bavaria, Germany on July 30th! Our guests will remain here until mid-August. Already they've been to Boston and New York. Stay tuned for more stories!

Teens aren't the only ones who get to have all the fun. Pictured here is O.F. Senior (over age 30), currently in Gothenburg, Sweden though August 6th. This is the second annual Senior experience, and we look forward to hearing about it!

Stay tuned to this newsletter for post-hosting updates in our September issue.

O.F.A. is looking for youth in Grafton, MA and Indianapolis, IN who will be at least 15 by June 2024 to participate in travel. Contact us at the e-mail below.

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