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Hello Everyone,

Fall is in full swing and people's lives are busy.  What the Holidays???  They are right around the corner.  We need to prepare myself body and mind.  What better way then to treat yourself to acupuncture with a licensed professional Danny Khounh.  See Coupon below.

10 Pretty Fantastic Reasons To Try Acupuncture:
image from Prevention Magazine

Our featured practitioner is Danny Khounh:
Danny T Khounh is an Acupuncturist and a Research Scientist with over 16 years of experience in research and development for drug discovery as well as in clinical research. He was exposed to alternative medicine at a very young age being a son of a medicine man of the town and a midwife and healer in Cambodia. read more

Acupuncture Tidbit:
Fall season stay hydrated as it is a dry season.  Wear warm clothing especially making sure your neck is covered since the cold invades from the back of the neck.  Eat warm foods like soup they are hydrating and nourishing while keeping your body's temperature warmer on the outside.  Eat foods like ginger, onion, garlic.  Come in for an acupuncture treatment to boost your immune system and settle your emotions.
Cut out our Coupon below for an additional saving to our new prices.  See you soon.  

Meenal Patel
Healing Your Way
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AcuDetox is a form of acupuncture that  involves the insertion of 5 needles in the ear.
It will help you relax, relieve  stress and anxiety, address cravings/addictions, encourage positive energy and treat insomnia.
We are now offering
Group AcuDetox - 3 or more $25 per person
Individual - $45

No Tricks Just Treats Get Your Free Treat Of An Acutag Session On Oct 31st 10:00-12:00 at Healing Your Way

Acupuncture And NAET Prices
Full Body Treatment:
  • $65 for 30-45 minutes
  • $95 for 60 minutes,
  • $125 for 90 minutes
NAET Treatment:
  • $125 for initial treatment,
  • $75 for follow up treatment
  • individual $45
  • group of 3 or more $25
Acu-Tags: $25
Save $10
Present this coupon at the time of service to
receive a discount on full body Acupuncture for the month of October on our already improved prices at Healing Your Way.
Share this offer with your friends and family.
Offer Expires: 10/31/15