July 2018
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Our mission

In June, the Christine Center Board of Directors adopted a new mission statement that conveys what we’re about: “Offering contemplative support to persons of all spiritual paths in a natural woodland sanctuary.”

Here, the richness of the Earth blends with the service of our staff, the love of our guests, and the divine presence to create an aura that welcomes, embraces, and enriches you.

Here, an open and affirming spirit prevails. You are encouraged and empowered on your own spiritual journey along the path and in the direction that resonates within you. Your journey is celebrated, not directed or judged. There is no dogma here. We serve according to how you seek.

Here, a remarkable spiritual diversity thrives. We not only accept spiritual evolution, we encourage it. Spirituality here is related to movement, flow, growth, change.

This is a place made for seekers, and you are welcome.

Russell King, executive director
Upcoming August Programs

Visit our  retreat calendar web page  for more program offerings and descriptions. Visit the  reservation  page for information or call 715.267.7507. 
Upside Down: Exploring Perspective through Writing and Yoga
July 29 – August 2 (Sunday-Thursday)
With Joanne Nelson and Sabre Page
Tuition: $400, Early bird rate: $350 until June 29th, plus meals and lodging 

Through yoga we open ourselves to possibility. Our bodies stretch and grow strong, our spirits are deepened, and our minds relax and renew. When the body, spirit, and mind are united, amazing things happen. Integrating writing experiences with a yoga practice enriches and enlivens the opportunities for creative growth.

Looking at everything in a new way—right side up, upside down, or sideways will be our theme. We will practice a variety of yoga poses and writing techniques designed to help us view ourselves and our writing from new perspectives. Combining these modalities allows the inner and outer world to be explored through a different lens as we experiment, play, deepen, and grow.

Whether you are a seasoned yogi and writer, or just beginning to explore, you will grow from from this innovative workshop filled with techniques that can be applied to all levels of practice and all genres of writing. Time will be available for writing in silence as well as for optional sharing in a safe and supportive community.

Participants will return home with a greater awareness of how writing enhances a yoga practice as well as how a yoga practice enhances creativity. Learn more
Embracing the Brahmaviharas: Abodes of Love
August 5 – 10 (Sunday-Friday)
With The Mindfulness Community of Milwaukee
Please register with  Milwaukee Mindfulness

The Mindfulness Community of Milwaukee is pleased to present its second annual weeklong retreat at the Christine Center. The mindfulness community of Milwaukee has been active for 20 years and has experienced practitioners who will lead the retreat. Five members are ordained in the Order of Interbeing, a special commitment to practice. In the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, there will be plenty of time for meditation, reflection, instruction, and Dharma sharing. The retreat will begin on Sunday evening, 7 PM and end at lunch on Friday.  Learn more
Men’s Summer Retreat
August 13 – 17 (Monday-Friday)
With Endel Kallas
Tuition: $150, plus meals and lodging

This past January some two dozen men gathered to deepen and explore a consciousness of their sacred task in this world.. Practicing head, heart, and body presence, they shared their personal stories to nourish a fresh sense of collective being as men. This fresh emergence of mythopoetic meaning and creative purpose continues to spring forth from a spiritual center at once both the inimitable core of selfhood and the unique offerings of the Christine Center. Please consider joining us to continue this flourishing by joining us in participation and co-creation at our Men’s Summer Retreat. Learn more
Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, the Saints and Me: Three Evenings of Exploration into Christian Meditation and Contemplative Prayer
August 14, 21 & 28 (Tuesday Evenings) 6:00pm-7:30pm
Annie Lea with Franciscan Sisters: Marge Zulaski and Gabriele Uhlein
Suggested donation: $10

Have you ever wondered if there is Christian contemplation for ordinary folks? Is there a foundation for mindfulness in Christianity? Did Jesus meditate? How can I? Hosted by Annie Lea, these three evenings are a lovely blend of practice and conversation ideal for all levels. Explore beginning meditation and gently deepen your prayer in a circle of shared contemplation in the natural sanctuary of the Christine Center. We will meditate, reflect and learn from each other!
Emotional Healing Using Buddhist Wisdom
August 17-19 (Friday-Sunday)
With Lama Yeshe
Tuition: $150, plus meals and lodging 

Our minds naturally turn toward healing and health just like our bodies do when sick or injured. This program will help us learn to encourage the natural healing process, develop healthier ways to look at ourselves and the world we live in. By connecting to our noble heart we encourage the healing process. A healthy mind experiences happiness, inner peace, love and contentment. It will include talks, discussion, sitting, walking and guided meditation and meditation instruction. Learn more
Yoga Nidra 24: A Day of Deep Relaxation
August 21 – 22 (Tuesday–Wednesday)
With Ann Swanson, E-RYT, RYT 500
Tuition: $95, plus meals and lodging

Enjoy 24 hours of Restoration and Rejuvenation through the easiest yoga practice of all – simple, deep, natural rest! The Christine Center welcomes you to a monthly day designated for health, well-being, and ease. Each month, one of our featured instructors will offer a mid-week Yoga Nidra based program designed to help you experience quiet clarity and calm from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.  Join  us as we take a 24 hour “time out” from our busy lives to unwind one serene breath at a time. You may even choose to extend your stay and  create  your own customized personal retreat. Our woodland sanctuary awaits you! Learn more
The Art of Relaxation
August 24 – 26 (Friday-Sunday)
With Tracy Hart, CYT
Tuition sliding scale: $100 – $150, plus meals and lodging

Learn techniques to relax the mind, release the nervous system and develop an overall sense of peace and tranquility. Sessions will incorporate periods of yoga exercises, breath work, conscious relaxation, Yoga Nidra and seated meditation. It will also include a restorative yoga session with crystal singing bowls. There will be personal time to commune with nature or in the recuperative act of rest. Please bring a yoga mat and 2 firm blankets if possible. All levels welcome. Enjoy! Learn more
Speaking Peace: What you say next can change your world
Enriching life through compassionate communication
August 24 – 26 (Friday-Sunday)
The event starts at 7:00 pm on Friday and ends at Noon on Sunday.
With Wade Britzius
Tuition: $150, plus meals and lodging 

In this workshop we will discover and practice the tools of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), developed by Marshall Rosenberg Ph.D. These simple but powerful concepts and practices are supporting people around the world, on many different paths, from all different cultures, to live out the life they are seeking. NVC points to the thinking, and especially the language that can shift our attention and our intention toward the universal as we move through the ups and downs of daily life. From this place, no matter what our path, we have increased capability to actualize our spiritual understanding. Learn more
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