“For months I had unbearable cramps and excessive bleeding. Initially thought to be fibroids or side-effects from my menstrual cycle, the doctor looked like a ghost when she saw the large mass inside me.”  

Becky Shields was just 21 years old when she was the 21st person in Canada diagnosed with Uterine Embryonal Rhabdom-yosarcoma, a rare cancer that affected her reproductive organs. Read about her journey to feeling more like her beautiful self below.
Beat the Heat! Top Tips for Wearing Wigs During the Summer:

1. Wig sweat liners are a must when temperatures and humidity are high. They fit perfectly under all capsizes.

2. If your wig is medium to long in length, use a cloth-covered elastic to put it in a ponytail. If your wig has layers that don’t quite reach your ponytail, use Bobby pins or a hairband to keep it off your face. Be very careful with the Bobby pins, do not puncture the cap.

3. It’s okay to take your wig off if you are comfortable doing so. It gives your wig and scalp a chance to air out and cool down. Two minutes is all you need.

4. If your wig is synthetic, you can lightly mist it with water. It will help cool you down. 

5. Wear a large sun hat or visor, it will provide shade and protection from the sun. Halo wigs are a great option to stay cool when you are wearing a hat or other headwear.

6. Always apply sunscreen, and don’t forget your scalp, ears, and back of your neck.

Interested in participating in a research study that pairs you with a fellow breast cancer survivor to support each other (from a distance!) in exercise and physical activity?

Connect 4 Exercise, supported by the University of Toronto Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, is intended to determine the impact of additional support in exercise for breast cancer survivors.

To learn more about the program and see if you qualify, click the link below.
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