We're Not About Trips!

I'm typing these words while returning from my ninth 'journey' to the Holy Land and what a journey it has been! Every time we travel it seems like it just gets better and better. I have to ask myself why. The places and sites are all the same. We always enjoy great food and cuisine. The tour companies and guides are amazing. See, it's becoming more and more clear that this is about 'people' not 'places'.

I'm reminded of the nine pastors that FON invited to preach and minister in seventeen churches of Galilee and the encouragement they were to the local pastors and vice versa. I'm reminded of gospel conversations with Carin while in line at the City of David. Then there was a moment to share our hope to Jamie in Jericho. Every team member had their moments to preach, teach, share, or give. Preaching, singing, giving, and worship; each of these objectives were present during our Spiritual Enrichment Journey. 

Perhaps my favorite moment came at Nazareth Baptist School chapel when a teacher named Fadi shared with the students the story of Jesus and Nicodemus. Fadi clearly shared the gospel message to a room full of eager children. My was I blessed! 

You see, dear friends and supporters, that is what Nazareth Baptist School and Friends of Nazareth are all about. TEACHING is critical and very important but REACHING boys and girls, families, a community, and a nation with the gospel is our most important task. Every student at NBS takes Bible class and attends chapel regardless of their religious background. This makes NBS unique in a land where religion is at a saturation point; and, the Gospel is at near drought conditions. FON brings showers of the Good News!

Your prayers, support, involvement, and gifts make FON's ministry possible. From the bottom of my heart, I say to you on behalf of the students...Shucran (thank you)!

I'll be in many churches, mission conferences, and state conventions in the coming weeks, if you are in the area where FON is speaking or set up please drop by and say hello. 

Dr Roger D. Mardis, President 
Friends of Nazareth