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Exciting IT news - New development shop is setting up in Indy!
The business world has realized that Indiana is a great place to come for great technical talent. Now another company is creating a software development shop here!

Our client, a $1.5 billion dollar corporation, has chosen to establish a software development headquarters in downtown Indianapolis. They are already building out a floor in one of the downtown towers, and interviewing experienced Java, C#, and mobile technology professionals.

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Here is a sample of the most recent job positions that we have filled for our clients
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Director of Data Security
  • Manager of Enterprise Architecture
  • Professional Services Partner
  • Java Developer
  • BI Developer
  • Solutions Architect
  • Executive Program Manager
  • Managed Services Managing Partner
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Compliance Analyst
This is an excellent role for someone with experience in one of several  areas: IT Audit, Risk Management, Project Management, or Systems  Administration. You will be responsible for working with various IT and user  functions to identify, document, and implement business controls. In  return, you will broaden your IT business knowledge, and the company will  assist you in achieving other IT certifications.
For more information about this job, click here.

Software QA Manager
We are searching for a "Leader"-someone capable of hiring, managing, and  mentoring a team of Quality engineers. This is an important role, because  the company's strategy is to drive the business through the use of emerging  technologies. Agile methodologies and QA automation are keys to that  success.
For more information about this job, click here.

Information Security Engineer
This is a terrific chance for an experienced network engineer to become  focused in the rapidly expanding InfoSec field. If you have some background  in security issues, and would like to become more of an expert, you should  explore this. You will be exposed to sophisticated concepts and techniques,  with professional training to help you grow.
For more information about this job, click here.

JavaScript Developer
With the growth of JavaScript frameworks, new powerful JS tools, and the  speed advantages of single-page applications, the talented JavaScript  developer has become a highly sought-after talent. Several of our clients  are now actively seeking to hire JavaScript developers. This is the time for  the experienced software engineer to leverage their skills.
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News Bits
IT Trivia-Halloween Edition
In motion picture history, mankind has been fighting intelligent robots and computers even before we had a word to call them. From Flash Gordon battling the Annihilants, to Sarah Connor escaping the Terminators (over and over and over), we seem drawn to the tales of artificial intelligence gone wrong. In fact, Michael Crichton, two decades before writing Jurassic Park, wrote and directed another tale of an amusement park gone wrong and the perils of technology. What was the name of it?  A bonus point if you can also name the sequel.

If you think you know the answer, then send it  here and we will post the winners in our next Newsletter!

August's IT Trivia Answer & Winners
Congratulations to  Travis Martin  and  Scott Pinson  for answering August's trivia question(be sure to tell them they are a genius if you see them)! We asked what name Dade, from the movie "Hackers," gave himself when he phoned into the security desk of the TV station he was hacking into.  The correct answer was "Mr. Eddie Vedder, from Accounting."   Thank you to everyone who participated!

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Making Sense Out of Big Data
We at Momentum have noticed an interesting trend in recent conversations with technology thought leaders. More and more companies, in a variety of industries, are realizing that there is value in analyzing their historic data (you know, that stuff that is taking up terabytes and terabytes of space on your expensive servers) to predict future trends with their customers.  While the concept of "Data Science" has been around since the 1960s when statistician John Tukey, who also coined the term "bit", published "The Future of Data Analysis." The term only really gained traction when the age old practice of statistics met up the newer fields of Computer Science and Big Data.  With the availability of modern big data tools such as Hadoop, Splunk, Splice Machine, MarkLogic, and Tableau, companies are realizing that there are meaningful business decisions that can be made by looking at their own historic data. In fact, just this past week, Inside Indiana Business had a great video on applying technology and mining analytics to optimize the beer choices that you drink at your local bar!
(view video here)
Is your own organization faced with the three choices of: do nothing, spend more money on storage, or attempt to make sense out of everything in your databases?  We would love to hear your stories and understand what kind of opportunities or challenges you are facing. Do you need help finding some quality math and statistics minded professionals to help with your own attempts at "data science?" If so, contact us.  We would love to help find some innovative new members for your teams.
Momentum hopes you have a  S P O O K Y Halloween

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