April 2021
Hello, Map Friends!
April has come and gone and there has been a lot going on here at Maps of Antiquity! As you can see, the daffodils and hyacinths are gracing us with their abundant beauty and tulips will be making their appearance soon. Many trees remain leafless, but the world is waking up and soon we will be encased in verdure once more. The 1780s farmhouse that houses Maps of Antiquity is receiving some fresh paint this year, which you can see peeking through the branches in our photo. Our guest rooms have been a welcome respite this Spring for many pandemic-weary people who need to get away from the home they have been working and living in for over a year. If you need a getaway, we hope you will consider booking a stay!

We shall highlight some exciting maps below but you can always visit our Newly Listed Maps section to see everything new from the past month or so. We have a Great Maps - Super Deals category that offers our discounted items. And don't forget that we also have a category specifically for maps under $100!
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Important and Interesting Early Maps
We are excited to have recently acquired some very special maps relating to the early history of the United States. The map of Boston (below) is a well known and highly collectible map that depicts Boston during the American Revolutionary War at the height of the Battle of Bunker Hill, showing English and American forces in battle while nearby Charlestown is in flames and additional action is occurring on the water where several ships are also aflame. This is the 1778 version of the map, which was published in James Murray's Impartial history of the present war in America.
1780 from the Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure
Lighthouse Charts
These charts are very popular and it is easy to see why! They depict the coastal areas of the US showing the locations of lighthouses and the radius of the lighthouse light. They were produced in two sizes, which means that if you are low on wall space, you can still enjoy one of these charts!
Small Lighthouse Charts
Large Lighthouse Charts
Maps by Jan van Jagen / Stoopendaal
These fantastic maps are from the Dutch so-called ' Staten' bibles, published between 1637 and c. 1760, which contained 5 maps: The World, ' Paradise', The Perigrinations, The Promised Land Canaan, The Travels of St. Paul and a plan of Jerusalem. The world map is surrounded by allegorical representations of the continents based on Visscher. It is clear that these are the updated printing plates created by Jan van Jagen because of some changes made to the map, including correctly connecting California to North America.
1744, Jan van Jagen / Stoopendaal
1744, Jan van Jagen / Stoopendaal
Eldridge Charts
Some of our newly added Eldridge charts are items we haven't seen in years! And most are in quite good condition. These harbor charts are notable for their reasonable size and their graphic style, which allowed navigators to read them quickly and easily. We are excited to currently have some of the rarer charts, such as New York, Barnstable Harbor, and Nantucket Sound!
Other Interesting New Additions
1864, Charles O. Perrine

Red circles indicate battles and engagements. This map is attached to a cover and booklet "A Concise History of the War designs to accompany Perrine's New War Map... by Capt. John S. Bishop." Civil War Map
c. 1925, A. Leconte

Published with a Guilmin Guide "Paris seen in Four Days" that features walking itineraries and a Metro map. On one side of the fold-out map is a map of the environs of Paris featuring illustrations of notable monuments and views. On the other side is a map of the city with illustrations of notable edifices, gardens, etc. with a prominent depiction of the Eiffel Tower.
1947, All-Year Club of Southern California

This guide map was created "to help you enjoy your visit in the southern half of our State." It includes a map of the Los Angeles area on one side.
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