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January 15, 2017 

We have been adding new maps to our website and will continue to do so all winter!  You can see many of our newest maps by looking at our Newly Listed category, which is updated weekly or more frequently.  T his month we thought it would be fun to feature a well-known mapmaker, since we have several new items on the website that were made by him!
Pictorial Maps by Ernest Dudley Chase
Ernest Dudley Chase  was born in Lowell, Mass. in 1878. He attended the Lowell Textile School and the Vesper George Art School of Boston. He then joined the Butterfield Printing Company in 1900 and the W. T. Sheehan printing firm in 1906. In 1908, he began his own greeting card company, Des Arts Publishers, which later became Ernest Dudley Chase Publishers. Chase also wrote a history of the greeting card industry entitled The Romance of Greeting Cards published in 1926. Chase designed and published more than 50 pictorial maps throughout the mid-twentieth century.  The detail and whimsy of his maps have made them quite popular with collectors. 

The United States of America by Ernest Dudley Chase - 1935
Well-known buildings and natural sights adorn this map of the US, which also features a highly decorative border and a limited color palate.  It is signed by Ernest Dudley Chase in the lower left corner and framed with french lines and a dignified frame. This map is filled with classic American charm and grandeur.

France, as Drawn by Ernest Dudley Chase - c. 1935

Delicate coloring sets off the beauty of French architecture in this pictorial map of France. Once again, we see the classic style of Ernest Dudley Chase in the decorative border that includes fleurs-de-lis in the corners.  This map was republished for the National Travel Club, although the year of that printing is unknown.  Framed with triple matting that picks up the colors in the map, this would certainly bring joy to any Francophile's heart!

Europe, A Pictorial Map by Ernest Dudley Chase - 1938

Ernest Dudley Chase was known to enjoy travel, and he created many maps of European countries, as well as this map of the entire continent.  Many of the most important and well-known buildings of the time are represented, and a decorative border surrounds.  This map was also signed by Ernest Dudley Chase in the lower left.  One could enjoy this map for hours while examining the detailed architectural images and reminiscing on past travels, or planning those to come!

America the Wonderland_ A Pictorial Map of the United States - 1941

Bright colors became more common in Ernest Dusley Chase's work in the 1940s, as seen in this playful map of the United States.  Some of the illustrations depict the capitol buildings for each state, natural wonders, other notable buildings, and interesting locations, such as the place where Billy the Kid was killed.  The decorative border features acorns and famous attractions like Niagara Falls. This map is also signed in the lower left and framed with french lines.

The Good Neighbor Pictorial Map of South America, designed & drawn and published by Ernest Dudley Chase - 1942

This map was published after the US declared war on Japan and officially joined World War II. Latin America was an important ally because it provided much needed resources to the Allied powers.  This map features architecture, animals, and other information about the good neighbor to the south.  Ernest Dudley Chase's signature also graces the bottom of this map.

A Pictorial Map Victory in the Pacific - 1944
This late war map was published in 1944 and shows the general area of the Pacific theater.  The enemy areas are black (Japan held Korea and Taiwan from before the first world war). The locations of British and US bases and possessions are noted. The concentric circles show the distance from Tokyo and an inset map depicts the Philippines. Ernest Dudley Chase changed, updated, and republished this map the following year after Japan's surrender to celebrate the victory, but this example is the earlier printing.

The Town of Harwich by Ernest Dudley Chase -  c. 1950-60

But Ernest Dudley Chase was a Bay Stater at heart, and lived in Massachusetts all his life. It is not surprising, then, that he also produced maps of locations closer to home.  One example is this pictorial map of Harwich. Like his other maps, it is illustrated with prominent buildings. It also features a street index and decorative cartouche.

We have created a high-quality reproduction of the Harwich map, which can be hand colored by a local artist.  We think it looks great colored, if we may say so ourselves!
The Town of Harwich by Ernest Dudley Chase- 
hand colored reproduction

We hope you have enjoyed learning about one of our favorite pictorial map artists!  If you love his work and want to see more,  the Winchester Public Library has a collection of Ernest Dudley Chase's maps, and we recommend that you visit their website!

We wish you a happy and healthy 2017!  We look forward to providing you with excellent service and marvelous maps this year!

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