Connecticut Arts Endowment Fund

The Connecticut Arts Endowment Fund (CAEF) was established by the Connecticut State Legislature to stimulate the development of private sector funding resources and to ensure the long-term stability of Connecticut’s arts industry by providing funding to organizations. The Fund is managed by the Office of the State Treasurer and the program is administered by the Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA). Interest earned on the Fund principal is distributed annually to eligible arts organizations.  

Applicants do not specify a grant request amount. Grant awards are calculated solely on a formula which compares the amount of private sector (non-governmental) contributions received by the applicant in its two (2) most recently completed fiscal years. Grant recipients may apply the funds toward programming, administrative/operational costs, capital projects, equipment or to build their own endowments.

COA is pleased to announce one hundred sixty-six (166) Connecticut Arts Endowment grants were awarded totaling $786,107.
ARTE-accesible Grant Program
(Spanish, pronounced Ar.Teh – Ock.Seh.See.Bleh)

The Connecticut Office of the Arts is committed to making services and programs open and accessible to all persons, with and without disabilities, and to all individuals regardless of language.
The ARTE-accesible Grant Program supports service offerings that improve the experience for audiences of all abilities, for staff training and internal support to carry out accessible programs and services, and for career development opportunities for artists who identify as individuals with disabilities. Applicants were able to request $500 - $3,000 to support their ARTE-accesible initiative.

COA is pleased to announce fifteen (15) ARTE-accesible grants were awarded totaling $42,521.
Congratulations to all grant recipients! We thank you for your interest in our programs and for your continuing support.


Elizabeth Shapiro, Interim Director of Culture
& the
Connecticut Office of the Arts staff:
Tamara Dimitri
Adriane Jefferson
Bonnie Koba
Rhonda F. Olisky
Lourdes "Lu" Rivera
Jane Schneider
The Office of the Arts is funded by the State of Connecticut and the  National Endowment for the Arts and receives support from other public and private sources.  
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