March 1, 2021
Letter from the Executive Director
Dear WSPA Community,

Membership in the Western States Printing Alliance (WSPA) just became far more valuable! Why? Because on March 1, WSPA combined with PIASC (the Printing Industries Association, Inc. of Southern California)—i.e., the largest regional graphics industry trade association in the U.S. 

We are now bigger, better and stronger than ever before, part of an organization that has 36 employees plus a network of outside experts who are essentially “part of the team.”

What does this mean for you? It means that some things will stay the same, others will get much better and absolutely nothing will be taken away. It’s a true win.

Here are some of the things that are not changing:

  • I will still be your local contact. Although my title has changed, I will remain physically located in Arizona, and I will still be responsible for taking care of members in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming with an experienced team supporting me.  

  • Our local events will still take place. This includes our two golf tournaments, holiday parties and the Print Excellence awards program. 

  • Your dues will remain the same for at least two years, after which time there may be very minor changes.

Here are some of the many new benefits that are now available to you:

  • Expert assistance – In addition to the OSHA and EPA support that you are accustomed to accessing, now you will also be able to get your sales tax, succession planning and merger/acquisition questions answered, too. 

  • Easily accessible HR support – Human resources consulting firm, HR | BIZZ, which has bilingual experts specializing in each of our states, acts as PIASC’s outsourced “in-house” HR team. Answers to your HR questions are just a phone call or email away. HR BIZZ prides itself in turning around questions in a few hours at most.

  • No-cost employment services – PIASC’s in-house employment services team can help you connect with available talent, at no charge. Plus, as a matter of policy, recruiting is never done from member companies, so you won’t have to worry that your employees will be stolen away by PIASC’s recruiters.

  • More preferred partnership discounts – In addition to our current discounts, such as UPS and Apple, the PIASC discount program also includes Experian as well as providers of background checks, IT services and virtual compliance training. 

  • More information – You’ll receive ongoing newsletters and e-blasts filled with industry news, regulatory updates, federal and state government affairs (from Lisbeth Lyons, via our participation in Print Powers America), human resources issues, printing technical subjects and more. 

  • More training – You’ll have access to numerous educational webinars and other training programs, all presented from the graphics industry perspective.

Two more things…

First, WSPA was invited to affiliate with PRINTING United Alliance. After much consideration and with our new partnership with PIASC, the Executive Committee determined that we could better use the dues that we would pay to PRINTING United Alliance to further support our membership. We support the PRINTING United Alliance’s overall vision and will continue to promote their events that are beneficial to our members.

Second, in case you are concerned about being part of an organization that has “Southern California” in its name…don’t worry. The way I see it is that “PIASC” is just a name. And to ensure that the unique needs of the members from our area are addressed, we are creating a Western States Printing Council. Scott Cohen of KD Kanopy will serve as the Council Chair, while Steve Larson of C & D Printing will be Vice Chair. This Council will be an official committee of PIASC, and the Council Chairs will also serve as voting members of the PIASC Board. 

It’s all good

The Executive Committees’ decision to join efforts with PIASC was made to provide far more support for members like you. Which of your new benefits will you take advantage of first?

With best regards,
Cathy Skoglund
Director, Western States Member Services
Western States Printing Council of PIASC
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