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Friends of Pedal Wild:

We are excited to announce a change in ownership of Pedal Wild. Our ownership group is comprised of John Hughes, Steve Byrnes and Dustin Boyd operating under the name of BBH Fitness, Inc.  John and Steve are active longstanding members of Pedal Wild, and Dustin is an excited new member. We are local to the area, very active in the community and want to see Pedal Wild continue on into the future.

With this change, we will continue to offer classes in RealRyder® Spinning and TRX, and are developing plans to introduce Yoga to the schedule to provide members with a restorative component to your fitness.

Our primary focus thus far has been to provide our members with a variety of trainers who have a diversity of styles, experiences and personalities. We have been actively networking within the fitness community for some time to determine best practices.  Our plan is to bring in a Director of Training with responsibilities that include managing the trainers, and maintaining structure, progression and diversity to the class schedule.

It is understandable these changes might cause some hesitancy from the membership.  We are really excited about this new opportunity and direction.  Over the coming months, you will also see improvements made within the studio, all of which we expect to increase your overall experience.

The change of ownership has occurred as Todd Johnson was looking to venture out into a new direction.   We take great pride in what Todd has built over the past 8 years, and respect his methodology and plan to continue to build on the legacy he created.  Todd will continue to teach classes over a transition period as we carefully bring in new trainers that we feel match up with the Pedal Wild mission.

We see Pedal Wild as a community that needs to work together, and to allow Pedal Wild to continue on, we need your help to spread the excitement. It is essential that we expand the membership base.  In return, we are very open to suggestions and welcome your input on new ideas and enhancements that can be made to an already great fitness studio!

We look forward to this new era of Pedal Wild, and hope to see you all around the studio often. Get Fit, Stay Fit!

Steve Byrnes, Dustin Boyd, John Hughes

Cc: Todd Johnson

New logo no phone