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Tembua - The Precision Language Solution
"The smaller our world becomes, the more important it is that we understand each other."
--Patricia May, CEO & President of Tembua

We've moved! 


We're excited to announce that we've moved to a new location! With movement comes growth, and we're excited to grow with you. We're still in Minnesota, which makes me think of these fun facts about our state:

  • Minnesota has more shoreline than California, Hawaii, and Florida combined!
  • We're home to the Mall of America
  • Our state bird is not the mosquito, but rather the Loon
  • Minneapolis is the home location to many big businesses, such as Target, BestBuy, General Mills, and Dairy Queen 
If you've never visited Minnesota before, our state has much to offer. Don't let the weather scare you - unless there's snow on the ground!

Thank You,

Patricia May - CEO
Website Translation: Part 2

How hard can it be to translate a website?


There is much to think about before you begin to translate your website content. That's why our project managers have many questions before the project begins:
  • Is your budget extremely tight?
  • Does your industry or business model allow for lower quality?
  • Do you need a complete translation?
  • Does any part of your website change routinely?
  • What languages do you need?
  • Do you have native speaker reviewers who will comment on the translations?
  • What are your company's official colors and fonts?
Click here to read more about these questions and all that goes into translating a website. 


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 Meet our Staff 

Robert May is Tembua's CTO.  In his spare time he uses his training as an Air Force pilot to transport patients in his own plane.  These Angel Flight missions are often from remote regions to medical appointments at places like the Mayo Clinic.
    On Holiday?      

Summer is here and many of us are taking time to vacation and enjoy the summer weather. However, if you are doing business internationally, you might find the summer months to be a challenging time due to all of the countries "on holiday". Here are some interesting facts about countries "on holiday that will help you be better prepared when trying to connect with businesses internationally.
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