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Does your son enjoy jumping, climbing, and tumbling? Does he want to be the next world-class gymnast or even the next best MLB player? Gymnastics is the foundation for any athlete and sport.

Did you know that gymnastics has so many important benefits for your growing son that go way beyond the gymnastics gym?

According to Olympic gold medalist Kyle Shewfelt in an interview with Chatelaine;

“Every little boy should be put in gymnastics, regardless of size."

He said, “It is the best place to teach kids what they need to exceed at other sports because they learn how their body works,”.

“It develops speed, power, and strength, as well as discipline and time management, and it’s really a shame that they don’t teach it in schools anymore.”

“It’s a fundamental sport and it’s fun! It’s like going to a gigantic playground, and it’s the perfect place for a crazy little boy to get his energy out,” said Shewfelt.

Other Benefits of Gymnastics for Boys Include:

  • Gymnastics produces some of the most athletic athletes in the world
  • Gymnastics teaches balance which is fundamental for every sport
  • Gymnastics creates major improvements in flexibility which further prevents injury when playing other sports
  • Gymnastics will help to perfect your son's coordination
  • Isometric training within gymnastics will help your son to gain overall body strength
  • Gymnastics help your child with their self-confidence and goal-building
  • You will see an improved posture
  • Gymnastics will teach your son to be more coachable in other sports
  • Physical activity in gymnastics will promote bone health, muscular strength and has overall cardiovascular benefits
  • Gymnastics is FUN and your child will make life-long friendships!

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Summer will be here before you know it and soon, the kids will be repeating, "I'M BORED!"

Give them the chance to gain some new gymnastics skills, to meet new friends, and get some much-needed physical activity in a healthy environment this summer.

Our Award-Winning Summer Camps are filled with fun & games and will teach your child far more than gymnastics. Studies show that gymnastics training instills confidence in our growing children, along with the benefits of flexibility, agility, and balance. Choose from one or more of our weeks offered. Each week has it's own unique theme too!

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