Crisp Rolls Out Its New V-Grill Menu!

Crisp always believes in healthy alternatives and our new, delicious, mouth watering "V-Grill" menu is now ready for you to taste. Come in and grab a v-grill burger or a v-grill "laffa" wrap and we are sure you will love it! If you don't, its our treat! Enjoy!!
V-Grill "Laffa" Wraps

come in 3 different varieties:

Shwarma - v-grilled strips, hummus. israeli salad, grilled onions & tahini

Kati - v-grilled masala kebobs, greens, grape tomatoes & curry mango coconut sauce

Carne asada - v-grilled steak,                                               greens, corn salsa, grilled peppers
                                    onions, cheddar cheese & chipotle                                     aioli

V-Grill Burgers

Taste from 5 of our lip-smacking burgers:

-the godfather
-the backyard
-crispy falafel

Please visit for our whole                                                              menu and list of ingredients.