SidePlate Systems is fueled by MiTek innovation. When SidePlate develops a new seismic innovation, we go through the necessary steps with AISC to get prequalified. We are excited to announce that new SidePlate innovations have been approved for inclusion in the newest edition of ANSI/AISC 358 “Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications”.
The newly approved SidePlate PLUS connection configurations include: field-bolted biaxial with HSS or box columns, tuck configuration, and simpler standard configurations. Biaxial configurations can now be field-bolted, delivering speed of construction and other benefits. Our tuck configurations allow SidePlate designs to be used as a solution for situations, such as warehouses, that do not want a projection below the beam. As a result of some new research, the Vertical Shear Elements (VSE) can now often be eliminated from the beams. These innovations deliver a greater number of prequalified options to our clients and the industry.
Along with the additional SidePlate PLUS configurations, AISC 358-16, Supplement No. 2 expands on our prequalifications for
built-up beams, boxed
I-shape columns, composite HSS columns, and reduced lateral bracing requirements. Additionally, TNA® bolts (ASTM F3148) may now be used in SidePlate PLUS connections as well.
SidePlate delivers innovative designs to the market that have proven to be resilient through full-scale testing at the University of California San Diego Structural Engineering Powell lab for last 25 years. In 2018, we performed four, full-scale tests cycling the same column and SidePlate connection each time, exceeding the AISC criteria in all four tests! By first performing full Finite Element Analysis and then actual laboratory testing of our connections, we give owners confidence that their buildings are protected by the most resilient connection system.

The AISC 358 PDF is now available to download here: 
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