Exciting News from Eurofins J3 Resources!
Eurofins J3 Resources is Now Offering Surface Cleaning Testing
Surface Cleaning Test

Eurofins J3 Resources (EJ3) is offering services for the determination of surface cleanliness.  According to the CDC, cleaning followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for preventing transmission of viral respiratory illnesses in households and community settings. Unfortunately, we have no clear indicator whether the surface cleanliness has improved or if microorganisms have reduced in number after cleaning. 

Sampling Concept

Effective cleaning procedures will result in the reduction of microorganisms in the treated area which includes viral particles, bacteria, and fungi. Bacteria are the logical choice to use as an indicator of adequate cleanliness procedures as they both grow rapidly within 48 hours in laboratory conditions and are ubiquitous in the environment. 

Sampling Procedures

Each sample area will require 2 sample swabs to be submitted. Appropriate sample areas include high-touch surfaces such as tables, counter-tops, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, handles, desks, toilets, sinks, etc. The sample area selected should not exceed 100 cm 2 to reduce potential bacterial overloading of the initial sample. Use the first swab to wipe the sample area side to side and then up and down. After this initial sample collection, carryout cleaning/disinfecting procedures. Upon completion of cleaning/disinfecting procedures, use the second swab to sample in the same manner and on the exact area initially sampled. If necessary, samples can be submitted individually without a pre-cleaning sample for comparison.

Sample Shipping and Reporting

Label samples appropriately (before and after) and deliver or ship them to the laboratory.  
The report generated will indicate the before and after levels of colony forming units (CFUs) of bacteria in the sample area. Individually submitted samples will only report the post-cleaning results and not have a reference value for comparison and evaluation .

Cost of analysis

The Surface Cleaning Test is $45 and results will be sent within 48 hours from sample receipt. The cost of the analysis includes both swabs and shipping. Swabs are available from the laboratory upon request. 

For more information, please contact Eurofins J3 Resources at
713-290-0221 or reports@j3resources.com .

Thank you for your business as we continue to navigate through this difficult situation together.