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March 2011

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It is our immense pleasure to present to you the CESJ Newsletter!  Thanks to your overwhelming support and well wishes, we have achieved great success and growth over the past year. CESJ has created this newsletter as a vehicle to keep you, our friends and supporters, updated on our activities and growth. 

Township of Irvington awards CESJ a CDBG Grant!


CESJ is elated to partner with the Township of Irvington to provide much needed capacity building services to some of its nonprofit organizations.   The $20,000.00 grant was awarded by the Township's Department of Economic Development and Planning's CDBG Program.  "Today more than ever, given the persistent decrease in government and corporate funding and a struggling economy, it is imperative that nonprofit organizations operate optimally at all levels and that they diversify their funding portfolio" explained Genia C. Philip, Esq., President and CEO of CESJ. Wayne Smith, Mayor of the Township of Irvington and Chairman of the New Jersey Urban Mayors' Association added that "this program is necessary to ensure that nonprofit organizations in Irvington continue to provide quality services to low and moderate income residents of the Township of Irvington."

Nonprofit Capacity Building Program launched by CESJ!


Attendees at NPCBP launch

On March 28, 2011, the CESJ launched its Non Profit Capacity Building Program (NPCBP). 

Through the NPCBP, CESJ will work with

15  to 20 nonprofit organizations in the Township of Irvington over the next year to assist them with enhancing their operations, management and fund development strategies to ensure that they improve their competitive edge and to foster growth. 


The NPCBP is a part of CESJ's collaborations and partnerships program module wherein CESJ  establishes critical relationships with other groups, programs, and government agencies to ensure that low-income families and communities  have access to all of the primary, supportive and ancillary services needed to become and remain self-sustaining and to achieve their full potential.  One of the key ways that CESJ achieves this is by working with other non-profit organizations to lend our expertise to help develop their infrastructure and to improve their ability to deliver high quality services to their clients. The program includes comprehensive assessments of all aspects of the organization; operations analysis; strategic planning; workshops on key topics; and, one-on-one technical assistance among other program components.  


Mayor Wayne Smith expressed his excitement about the partnership with the Center for Empowerment and Social Justice, Inc. and commented that he knows "the program will be of tremendous benefit to the Township especially given the high level of expertise and experience of Genia C. Philip, Esq., President and CEO of CESJ, in the area of nonprofit management and leadership." 

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CDBG Grant awarded to CESJ by Irvington
CESJ launches Capacity Building Program
CESJ granted 501c3 Status

CESJ is now a 501c3 Tax Exempt Organization!


On March 9, 2011, the CESJ's application for recognition as a tax exemption organization was approved by the IRS. 


This major achievement occurred shortly after CESJ celebrated its one year anniversary on February 23, 2011.  The tax exempt status  positions CESJ to apply for a wide range of grant funding opportunities, to save charitable donations by not having to pay sales taxes and to provide a tax deduction benefit to financial donors.

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To empower and prepare socially and economically challenged individuals, families  and communities to become self-sustaining by providing comprehensive capacity building programs as well as by engaging in advocacy and public policy initiatives. 


Socially and economically challenged individuals, families and communities will be empowered and self-sustained because they have unfettered access, opportunity and resources needed to  realize their full potential.


The overarching goal of the Center for Empowerment and Social Justice, Inc. (CESJ) is to ensure that individuals, families, and neighborhoods in urban communities become and remain self-sustaining. CESJ is founded on the premise that effective and continuous personal, community, and economic development in urban and low income areas cannot and will not be achieved until the problems of cyclical and intergenerational poverty are adequately addressed.